Can you lose 30 lbs in a month

Can you lose 30 lbs in a month with Low-Carb Diet

Hana Black
39 years
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The effectiveness of this diet has been repeatedly confirmed by many women and men. Its mechanism is not difficult to explain scientifically, which only confirms its popularity. The weight loss with this diet is determined individually for each person who begins to follow this diet. Can you lose 30 lbs in a month? – Yes, if you in addition to the diet, begin to go to the gym, increase your physical and mental activity. Why when I talk about losing weight do I mention mental activity? It was proved that by developing and straining your brain, the body also loses calories. You are unlikely to be able to become thin by straining only your brain, but it will not be superfluous in an integrated approach to your new lifestyle.

There are several low-carb diets, but they all have one goal and one mechanism – you reduce the intake of carbohydrates so that your body uses fat as fuel and energy for physical activity.

Carbohydrate intake per day should not exceed 20-150g, you can only calculate the allowable share with a nutritionist by developing a holistic menu, and knowing your body mass ratio.

Numerous studies have shown that a low carbohydrate diet is really good for healthy weight loss. People on a very low carbohydrate diet usually reach a condition called ketosis.

Also, thanks to the new menu, you can reduce your appetite, thereby reducing the number of calories consumed.

It is important to remember that you cannot completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. They also contribute to the body and without the side effects are possible: brittle nails, hair loss, etc.

Low-carb diet is a way of life

Whatever diet you choose, turn it into a lifestyle. At first, you won’t be able to not think about how much and what you ate, but then you won’t be able to stop at the very first results. Your brain forgets about fatty foods, fast food and other foods that we love so much while overweight.

A healthy appetite is wonderful. But man needs much less than he consumes, no matter how it sounds – human is the only creature that is capable of overeating.

When I started following a new diet, I determined which foods are no longer about me:

  • Sweet soda. (Since childhood, I’m an ardent fan of Cola, and I won’t be cunning that I managed to just stop drinking this drink. I buy Cola Zero and can afford to drink it once a week. Maybe I risk exposing my body to extra calories, but this is my conscious choice).
  • Fast food. (Fortunately, a large assortment of healthy fast food has appeared – I also included it in my diet).
  • Deep-fried dishes. (Fast food sub-item, because most often we are talking about french fries. But here I meant all the fatty foods cooked in oil).

Adhering to this diet allows many products that you will not find in the lists of losing weight. For example, dairy products, it is enough to know that fat cheese or milk is not worth it. Also, pay attention to lactose-free milk, it is much more beneficial for an adult, and the taste is almost indistinguishable from the usual, traditional milk. Replenish your body with protein, which you can get from eggs and meat. Almost all animal products are rich in protein. From cereals: brown rice, buckwheat and oatmeal (for breakfast).

A few recipes from my diet menu

Well, the first thing I did when I decided to stick to a low-carb diet was to draw up a menu plan for 5 days. I thought that when I was busy at work or household chores, and my brain wants to eat, I won’t think about the number of carbohydrates – I’ll just fill my stomach with all the food that I have in the refrigerator. I think many lovers of eating will support me.

Day 1:

Omelet with cheese and herbs/coffee without sugar/orange

Salad with cheese and tomatoes. (Is there a lot of cheese today, baby?)

Boiled Chicken with Spices and Lemon Sauce


Baked salmon

Day 2:

Oatmeal with cottage cheese and apples

Cucumber and Arugula Salad

Vegetable soup with cheese. (Cheese again?)

Boiled chicken with tomatoes and olive oil. (you can add spices to taste)


Boiled eggs

Day 3:

Cottage cheese casserole

Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Vegetable Soup with Cheese


Baked fish

Day 4:

Cheese and coffee


Greek salad

Grilled meat and vegetables


Day 5:

omelet with mushrooms.

chicken salad with tomatoes.

baked fish and salad.


Veal in the oven with greens.

Check for a personal example, can you lose 30 lbs a month with a low-carb diet?

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