Rob Kardashian weight loss: watch how he appeared in public after a long lull!

Rob Kardashian steps out of the shadows. The brother of the Kardashian sisters lost weight, attended Kendall Jenner’s party, and poses with mom Kris Jenner on Instagram.

Fans welcome Rob Kardashian back to Instagram with open arms. The former member of the reality show about the Kardashian family finally posted his photo a year later! Prior to that, his Instagram grid had only photos of his family and the Halfway Dead clothing line). But Rob’s new photo wasn’t a selfie.

Rob showed off his Halloween costume, he was the Daddy Troll from the DreamWorks Trolls animated movie, with a twist (he took his own Halfway Dead T-shirt). However, even more, notable than Rob’s giant pink wig and mustache was his recent weight loss. He looked fit and slender as he stood next to his mom, Kris Jenner, who was dressed like the skeleton of a mariachi singer (a nod to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival).

Now that fans have finally seen Rob, they couldn’t help but shower him with compliments. Comments like “Looking good Rob”? flooded his Instagram and many other followers were just happy to see the Kardashian brother again. “Nice to see you, Rob,” wrote one such fan.

Rob is not one of those who pose in front of the camera, so this photo is a rare step on the part of the father of baby Dream Kardashian. Fans first became aware of his apparent weight loss after he appeared in a video of Kim Kardashian at her 39th birthday celebration on October 21, and we heard that Rob Dream’s daughter (born to dancer Blac Chyna) inspired him to make a lifestyle change … “His daughter Dream has been a huge boost to Rob’s weight loss because he wants to lead a healthy lifestyle for himself and his daughter,” said an insider and one of Rob’s close friends. “Rob is feeling a lot better and really happy to finally see the results of his weight loss efforts. He is proud of himself and glad that all his hard work is paying off.”

Rob Kardashian 2020 weight loss routine

Rob admitted that cardio training helps him lose weight, which he prefers over other loads.

Cardio workouts are cardiovascular workouts that also help increase lung capacity. It is a beneficial, complex work in which the main source of energy is oxygen, which enters the blood from the lungs.

The main types of cardio training are running, brisk walking, all outdoor sports such as skiing, skating, including hockey, football, swimming. All athletics is aimed at strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

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If you’re new to this kind of workout, it’s best to start with 50% of your maximum heart rate. In order to burn fat, and intensity of 60-70% of the maximum heart rate is suitable. Such training can be lengthy.

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  • Give preference to interval loads. Interval training is many times more effective than monotonous aerobics. You will burn more calories and be more productive. In addition, these cardio programs are the least damaging to muscle tissue. For example, you can do exercises according to the principle of Tabata: we train for 20 seconds with an intense load, we rest for 10 seconds, we do 4-8 approaches, we rest for 1 minute. You can also choose intervals to suit your needs.
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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

We will remind, Rob Kardashian was married to Blac Chyna. They started dating in early 2016, and in November their common daughter Dream was born. They broke up a month later, then again converged and dispersed several times, and finally parted in 2017. After that, a real scandal broke out between the ex because of child custody. The court ruled that the baby would live with her mother, and Rob did not see his daughter for a long time, as a result, the former lovers agreed that they would spend the same amount of time with Dream. And Rob even sometimes posts photos of his daughter on Instagram.

Unlike her own weight loss work, his ex-girlfriend hasn’t been as honest with the public about her weight loss since the birth of their daughter. On his own Instagram, Rob posted a series of posts accusing his daughter’s mother of treason, drug use, and plastic surgery. 

It all started with the publication of a short video in which Blac Chyna kisses another man. In the signature to him, Rob noted that in this way Chyna congratulated him on American Independence Day.

“Everyone is surprised how Chyna lost weight so quickly after giving birth, but she lied to everyone. I am such a good husband that on our anniversary I paid the surgeons to fix everything as much as possible,” the guy declassified, adding that after that the reality the star left him with his daughter and went to another.

It took Rob several years to recover from his breakup with Tea both mentally and physically, but we see that his work on himself gave an excellent result!

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