Andy Reid is Kansas city chief head coach. He was a purposeful person from his childhood. Once starting to play, he could not give up the sport and continued his career as a coach. The transition from active sports to the coaching activity affected his health significantly – he gainedContinue Reading

According to the viewers’ opinion, Nigella Lawson has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Also, she is womanly, looks great at 60, and cooks amazingly. She was born in London, her father Nigel Lawson was a Minister of Finance in the administration of Margaret Thatcher for severalContinue Reading

After some days of losing weight process, our motivation level decreases. Therefore, it is important not only to follow a diet but also to introduce healthy habits into your lifestyle. So that taking care of your health is the main incentive. Let’s check some Dr. Oz diet rules to getContinue Reading

During the doctor consultation, Leah Williams stepped on the scales. The weight that she saw, she had never seen before. “I never weighed so much as in that period of my life. I was never a thin person, but this weight struck me. I realized that my reflection in theContinue Reading

Tami Roman is the star of the TV show “Basketball Wives”. She was able to lose more than 50 pounds. However, the public did not take her new shape as an excellent achievement: in the comments on different social networks people said that Tami was too thin and “she lookedContinue Reading

During pregnancy, Kylie said that she would do liposuction immediately after giving birth. Moreover, she was ready to go to another country if she could not have this procedure in the United States. Fortunately, the older sisters dissuaded Jenner from this risky operation. As a result, Kylie decided to loseContinue Reading

Dr. Nazardan is a very famous person in Houston. We could see him in the show of the TLC channel: « My 600-lb Life », “What happened next” and «My Extreme Excess Skin». We wrote an article about the Slaton sisters, whose history is shown on the same channel. JonathanContinue Reading

Kendall Jenner is the highest-paid model in the world. This status has been recognized by Forbes magazine for several years. From June 2017 to June 2018, the 23-year-old girl earned $ 22.5 million. Most of this money was brought to her by contracts with Estee Lauder, Adidas, and Calvin Klein.Continue Reading