Robert Downey Jr. – American producer, actor, singer. Two-time winner of the Golden Globe in 2000 and 2010, BAFTA in 1993, Oscar in 1992 and 2008. The extensive filmography of Robert Downey Jr. contains many paintings, but the actor made himself especially vivid after filming in “Iron Man”, the peakContinue Reading

Conor McGregor became famous not only because of his sharp tongue: the Irish fighting technique was always fascinating, forcing fans and haters alike to follow his every move in the octagon. There is no magic in it, the whole secret lies in the combination of flexibility and strength that McGregor’sContinue Reading

Bradley Cooper is a popular American actor, a four-time Academy Award nominee, and the sexiest man of 2011. In recent years, the popularity of Bradley is only growing, and he pleases his fans and fans with an excellent physical shape. If you watched the movie “Team A”, then you probablyContinue Reading