Jennifer Livingston weight loss of 2019

A few years ago, TV presenter Jennifer Livingston faced public opinion about her weight. Someone left a comment on her Facebook page, speaking sharply about her extra pounds. The commentator wanted to say that Jennifer sets a bad example for society, exposing her photographs to their full height. He meant that Jennifer as a public person should promote a healthy lifestyle, and her example is bad for society.

This did not leave Jennifer Livingston indifferent, and in her morning show, she mentioned this situation, saying that no one can tell her how to look. She clarified that the person who wrote a comment is neither a close friend nor a member of her family and therefore does not know her well and cannot judge only by her own opinion.

Do you agree, such people are very inspiring? They are self-confident, not afraid to defend their opinions and acknowledge the existence of a problem. Earlier, we discussed the problem of switching to proper nutrition, the correct technique for performing strength exercises and other loads. But this time, the example of Jennifer Livingston inspired us to tell you how to cope with public opinion and not to lose faith in ourselves.

The main questions you should ask yourself are: “Do I need this?”; “Do extra pounds bother me or are it the influence of outside opinion, the prejudices of society?”; “Do I want to lose weight just for myself (and for my own sake) or do it for someone else?”

The next thing to do is to identify your bad habits and think about how you are ready to change them. If it is too difficult to quit smoking while losing weight, then you have to say goodbye to weekly bar visits. By the way, we also classify bad habits as regular and, most importantly, deliberate lack of sleep, which affects the appearance and the process of losing weight very badly.

Ask yourself why you are overweight. It is very important to identify the cause because admitting to yourself that it is not a matter of genetics means understanding the problem. And the problem may lie in the wrong lifestyle or improperly built food system. Maybe you don’t like to drink a lot of plain water, but tea with sugar and cookies is on your table several times a day.

Write down all your gastronomic habits and preferences. Do you like fried? Or salty? Dressing salad with fat sauce? On the contrary, what is considered harmful and not related to a healthy diet, indicate an alternative: replace fried with grill, sauces with yogurt. List all the foods and dishes that you like. Diet is not always a complete rejection of delicious food; any dish can be adapted to your diet.

Now you have everything you need in front of your eyes that you love and do not like to eat. It is time to choose the right food system for you. What’s the point? If you don’t like meat, a protein diet is not for you. Be guided not only by your taste preferences but also by the amount of time that you have at your disposal for cooking: too complicated recipes for a businesswoman are not suitable. Next, view the calendar for the next three months.

Finally, you need to think about the types of activities that suit you. If you are a passive person, choose yoga. If in the morning you have an energy peak, then morning training is for you. Ask yourself what would you be able to do all the time? Maybe it will be dancing, or maybe you like boxing? For example, one-time classes can help you make your choice. Try a few different ones to understand what you will do.

Decide how much time you can devote to workout. Work, family, friends – all this forms your lifestyle that will not adapt to your desire to bring your body into perfect shape. If most of the time you spend at work and go to the gym there is neither strength nor desire, choose home workouts. Do you have a dog? Instead of a lazy morning walk, try running. Allocate time for yourself in your busy schedule is possible and necessary. Keep calm – just do it!

This is a plan on how to prepare you for the start of the weight loss process properly. As you can see, the main emphasis is on your internal feelings and the best choice for yourself. The most important thing is to do what you like first. The ability to say no is another skill that would be nice to master. This applies to criticism from others, unwillingness to do anything, etc. Choose the activity that you like and do it without listening to the advice of others. Choose the food that will be most useful for you, and not just because someone strongly recommends it to you.

Do not forget about your goal! 

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  1. She is a fat ass and doesn’t care about losing weight. So she shames other people. She is fatter than Trump. She is LivingStone

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