The star of the movie “Remember the Titans” Ethan Suplee lost 200 pounds and now does not look like a plump actor 20 years ago

There is hardly a person whom overweight would paint. Of course, the complexion of all people is different, but a dozen extra pounds will not add either youth or health. Recently, both ordinary people and stars have begun to promote the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, including for weight loss. And those who follow these simple rules have seen clear success in changing the look.

From fat man to handsome: Ethan Suplee weight loss

A great example of this is Ethan Suplee, who played the character of Louis Eraser in Remembering the Titans, which was released in 2000. Those who have seen him will hardly be able to recognize Ethan in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor has managed to lose 200 pounds, and many say that at 43 he looks even better than 20 years ago.

The hard road to victory

Suplee says that after losing a lot of weight, he had a lot of stretched skin, which he tried with all his might to remove, riding a bicycle and playing sports. Thus, he managed to ensure that the fat deposits were replaced by muscle tissue, thereby bringing the skin into a normal appearance. Now Ethan does not hesitate to showcase the improved body on his page in “Instagram”. He also launched his own podcast called American Glutton. 

With his help, he plans to motivate people to lose weight and play sports. In the debut episode, Suplee revealed that he was obese for almost his entire life, and his grandparents were shocked by his condition when he first went on a diet. When asked if he was teased at school, he replies that he remembers well how people often said behind his back: “God, how fat he is.”


He made the decision to lose weight after a conversation with Jim Cavisel, who played the role of Jesus Christ in the film “The Passion of the Christ”. He told Ethan, “Look at you, you’re going to hell.” “I was so impressed by this conversation that I firmly decided that no one else would tell me this. The conversation was unpleasant, but who would have thought that it was he who would work and make me go on a diet.”

Ethan Suplee 2020 weight loss in the gym (for men) – specifics and preparation

Now Ethan helps men lose weight, who, just like him, when faced with the problem of excess weight. The proposed slimming program for men in the gym allows you to get rid of excess body fat and, in the long term, get a high-quality volume, which implies a ratio of adipose and muscle tissue with a clear predominance of the latter, which is expressed in an aesthetically pleasing body relief.

This program is not suitable for professional athletes, being designed for men whose life is not related to sports, but who at the same time want to have a slim fit figure. Before starting training, you need to carry out basic self-diagnostics:

  • Hormonal background. Consult with a specialist – in case of a violation of the hormonal system, the priority is to correct the target pathologies. With an unstable hormonal background, the training process may have no effect or even harm the body.
  • Metabolic changes. With age, metabolic processes in the body slow down naturally, in the period from 27 to 30 years, metabolic processes are inhibited by an average of 15-30 percent. In addition, daily routine and daily activity affect metabolism.
  • Physical training. The proposed set of exercises for weight loss in the gym (for men) is designed for those who have never visited a gym or whose training experience does not exceed 6-12 months. In other words, this is complex for people whose physical fitness is minimal or absent.
  • Individual characteristics. In any situation, there may be a number of individual pathological conditions that make it impossible to perform certain exercises or programs as such. Therefore, it is recommended to visit your doctor before starting classes.

The proposed complex does not require specific simulators; professional equipment is quite enough for it, which can be found in a specialized gym (including fitness studios and CrossFit gyms). At the same time, this program has fundamental differences from the program for losing weight for men at home, at least because it (for obvious reasons) is more effective. At the same time, no program will give even a third of the target effect without observing the following guidelines:

  • Diet. A healthy diet, a balanced and regular diet (in particular, at least 6 meals a day) are the key to “accelerating” metabolism and systematic weight loss. Do not have any illusions – with an irregular diet, with an abundance of sweets or fast food, even with the most thoughtful individual program, you will not be able to get rid of “extra pounds”.
  • Routine. Regular 8-hour sleep and self-discipline are two more essential factors, without which it is physically impossible to achieve the desired effect. It’s up to you, but 4-6 hours of sleep at different times and an ever-changing daily routine combined with an exercise program will not strengthen your body, but rather destroy it. This applies to any training complex.
  • Motivation. It doesn’t matter how you motivate yourself, but you need to train three times a week at approximately the same time, without skipping workouts under any circumstances. You will have to limit yourself to food and other “favorite activities” (including, for example, playing computer games until dawn). If you are not ready for such restrictions, you will never change your body.

These are basic principles that are true not only for this set of weight loss workouts in the gym for men but also for any other training program. We are talking about the fundamental processes that determine the work of the human body. Physiology cannot be changed. On the other hand, there is nothing supernatural here and only one thing is enough for the first step – desire.

The second step is to identify the so-called “problem areas”. For the male body, these are traditionally the entire abdominal region (lower and upper abdominal region, sides), the triceps region (inner part of the arm), the front and side (outer) chest region, the inner and front side of the thigh, the area between the shoulder blades. Unlike the female body, the gluteal region in men rarely becomes a “problem area”. The places on which you will have to place the greatest emphasis during the training are determined as follows:

  • “Extra pounds” in the abdomen and on the sides are determined quite easily, in most cases, there is enough visual assessment. However, you can pinch yourself in the corresponding area, and if you clearly feel the fat layer, then this area is rightly called problematic.
  • Excess body fat in the triceps area is defined somewhat differently. Stand upright, extend one arm horizontally to the side, and then pinch your triceps with the other. If you pinch the muscles, you will feel serious discomfort (up to pain syndrome), but if there is fat between the fingers, then the unpleasant sensations will be caused only by the tension of the skin.
  • To determine if there is excess fat on your thighs, sit on the edge of a chair, bring your legs together, and place your fist between your knees. With your other hand, gently pinch your front and / or inner thighs. Fat and muscle are different to the touch, you will never confuse them. The definition of “problem areas” is carried out in a completely relaxed position.
  • The “problem zone” between the shoulder blades is defined in an obvious way – while standing, bring the shoulder blades together, at this moment someone should pinch you for the desired area. Significant folds of fat are a guaranteed indicator that excess fat is indeed present in your body.

Slimming programs for men in the gym allow you to gradually get rid of “extra pounds” in all designated areas. The first results are waiting for you within 1-3 months. In rare cases, the process can go faster, but you need to understand that a change in weight by more than 2 pounds in 5-7 days will negatively affect your health.

Optimal for losing weight is the indicator “minus” 1-2 pounds per week, while this effect will begin to manifest itself stably after 1-2 months of training. That is, one should not wait for a “miracle” from the first week of training, without the use of specialized pharmacological preparations it is impossible. At the same time, a well-thought-out diet and a general increase in daily activity can speed up the process of losing weight.

All workouts must be started with a basic warm-up, in addition, you can perform 1-2 warm-up sets of the first exercise with minimum weight. Each workout ends with a basic workout of the abdominal area (press machine and plank). Traditional crunches are contraindicated in this case, as they can lead to significant growth of the abdominal muscles, which, in combination with excess body fat, will increase the total volume of the abdomen.

Working out the chest and arms

  • Classic bench press, performed by a superset with a decrease in weight, 3 sets of 15 reps, minimum working weight;
  • Dumbbell bench press lying on a bench at an angle of 10-15 degrees, superset with decreasing weight, 3 x 15;
  • Breeding hands in the simulator sitting (“butterfly”), with a decrease in working weight, 3 x 15;
  • Extension arms in the crossover (isolated work of the triceps), superset with decreasing weight, 3 x 15;
  • The curl of arms with a barbell for biceps, superset with decreasing weight, 3 x 15;
  • Press machine, weight loss superset, 3 sets of 25 reps;
  • Plank, 3 sets of up to 1 minute each.

Working out the back

  • T-Bar Row, Superset Weight Loss, 3 sets of 15 reps;
  • Row of the upper block behind the back (medium grip), superset with a decrease in weight, 3 x 15;
  • Row of the lower block to the belt, a superset with a decrease in weight, 3 x 15;
  • Hyperextension, performed normally with weight loss, 3 x 20;
  • Press machine, superset, 3 sets of 25 reps;
  • Plank, 3 sets of up to 1 minute each.

Working out legs

  • Classic Barbell Squat, Down Weight, 3 sets of 15 reps;
  • Press legs in the simulator, with decreasing weight, 3 x 15;
  • Extension of the legs in the simulator, with decreasing weight, 4 x 15;
  • Leg curls in the simulator, with decreasing weight, 4 x 15;
  • Press machine, superset, 3 sets of 25 reps;
  • Plank, 3 sets of up to 1 minute each.

On the third training day, only one exercise is performed by the superset – the press machine. Other leg workouts in the first 6-12 months of training are done normally. When you feel ready to move to an advanced level, you can start doing the exercises in sets of pairs, that is, “squat with a barbell + leg press” and “leg extension + leg curl”. This mode significantly increases the intensity of the training and allows you to more effectively work out the target areas, but requires good preparation.

Ethan Suplee has once again proved to the whole world that the main thing is the desire and desire to fulfill your dream. The main thing is to believe that the result will be and that it will be the way the person wants to see it, and not give up.

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