Lose 5 pounds in a week: Other pool the experience

There is nothing that inspires so much like stories and experiences of other people. Especially if we are talking about losing weight: the body is much better and we receive compliments from others. Everybody can search for such stories on many web sites. In this article, we have compiled basic tips about how to lose weight effectively?

To lose weight in a week?

Several simple and cheap express diets will allow you to lose 4 or 5 pounds per week. The result depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the initial weight, but the visible result you will get. It is not possible to remove the stomach and other problem areas with one diet completely.

Following the diet, we want to see the result as soon as possible. But weight loss occurs gradually, and one-time running does not lead to instant results.

Plan your diet

The more carefully you plan your menu for the day (or even for the week), the less likely it is to buy fast food or to overeat. Try to buy food on Sunday for a week in advance and prepare healthy meals. Some of them can be frozen, divided into portions, and laid out in boxes. The next day, you can take the finished lunch with you.


Breakfast is the most important meal. Whole grains, proteins, healthy fats after awakening will help you to avoid hunger by noon. Besides, after eating a small dessert in the morning, you can easily give it up after work.

Useful snacks 

Dietary snacks can help control hunger between meals. If you know you have to skip lunch today, take a healthy snack. For example, it can be vegetables and fruits prepared at home. A bag of dried fruit or non-roasted nuts in the car will be very much to the point if you are in a traffic jam.

Drink a lot of water

The necessary amount of water supports the body’s work at the highest level, especially if you drink it this way: a glass half an hour before meals helps to eat less, a glass in 45 minutes after eating will improve metabolism. However, drinking during a meal will dissolve the gastric juice and only slow down the digestion.

Less salt

Sodium, which is contained in salt, leads to fluid retention in the body and bloating. The excess is called the “weight of water.” To get rid of it, reduce your salt intake. Replace it with lemon juice, adding it, for example, to salads. In restaurants, ask the waiter not to salt the dishes: you can do it after having a dish or not at all. 

Vegetable lunch and dinner

Before starting the main dish, eat a vegetable salad or light soup. Thus, you will fill the stomach with useful fiber, which will help to eat a small portion. Besides, if you eat salad at the beginning, you are less likely to “forget” about it at the end.

Eat at home

Thus, you will control the composition of the dishes.

Weekly diet

If you do not have strict deadlines for weight loss, it is better not to chase after the results: to lose 10 pounds or more, choose a diet for 2 weeks. The more excess weight you have, the more long-term diet you should adhere to. A diet for 4 weeks, for 7 weeks will not only help to lose weight without harm to health but also give a long-term result. Under extreme conditions of losing weight, the body will gain weight as quickly as it will lose it. Sometimes, a tough weekly diet does not bring the expected result at all, as the body begins to make reserves, preventing starvation.

What advice would you add to this list?

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