Weight Watchers: Can I lose 10 pounds in one week?

Weight Watchers: Can I lose 10 pounds in one week?

To begin with, this diet entered the TOP 5 best diets recommended for use by the US population in 2012-2013. It is quite simple and effective at the same time. You can independently monitor yourself during your stay on a diet, so in a group of several people. The story goes that one housewife who believed in herself came up with a diet. Literally two months later, she gathered more than 40 people near her, their meetings even had to be moved to a cafe. The main audience gathered were overweight women who appeared after childbirth, as well as young but notorious girls with an unsettled personal life. When they met together, none of them felt uncomfortable, as they understood each other. Losing weight depended on the source data, if the weight exceeded 200 pounds, then lose 10 pounds in one week was not a problem. In other words, this is a gathering of people of interest who work on one goal – to lose weight. Read more about diet.

The SmartPoints system

Diet does not imply the rejection of any food, which is an indisputable advantage. At the beginning of the program, according to your individual parameters, a limit is set on the consumption of daily points. Points are assigned to different products, the healthier the products, the lower the score, the more harmful (for example, soda or chocolate bun), the higher the score. In 2017, Weight Watchers updated SmartPoints to make it more flexible and user-friendly. There are even products with a zero rating in the system, they do not need to be changed, weighed or tracked, providing more freedom when planning food and snacks. For example, chicken, fish, tofu, yogurt without additives, beans, and fruits.

The diet was invented in the 20th century. Fortunately, an innovative option has come to our time, when you can use all the rules recorded in your smartphone and confidently lose the extra pounds. You can find reviews about using the program in any source where you can download it. Members gain access to a database of thousands of products and recipes, in addition to the weight tracking app.

Weight Loss Effectiveness with Weight Tracking

The diet does not promise a fantastic result in a short time, but if we are talking about effectiveness, you will undoubtedly feel it.

The obvious advantage of a diet is that you do not need to come up with a diet plan. It is enough to observe and control your food. If you add exercise to your weight loss, you will undoubtedly only double the result.

If you do not want to pay for the application on your smartphone, get ready for a lot of painstaking work to determine which products to evaluate and by what criteria to determine. The diet focuses on whole, unprocessed foods, such as fruits and vegetables, low-fat proteins. But if you want to eat something fat – please! But remember that you should not exceed the daily rate of points.

As a practice and my experience, including, show that more often people choose products whose score is zero. And there are more than 200 of them.

List of recommended products for weight loss:

1. Chicken, eggs, tofu, fish, shellfish and low-fat yogurt.

2. Green vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, etc.

3. Not sweet fruits.

4. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, beans.

5. Healthy fats: olive oil, avocado, nuts.

To quickly remember the list of products, I printed and hung on the refrigerator such a simple picture, which I decided to share with you.

I advise you to keep this list. He repeatedly helped me not to forget about healthy products and to focus on them when choosing my dinner. I rarely could break loose and eat something useless.

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