Weight Loss Before and after: Mayo Clinic Diet

Weight Loss Before and after: Mayo Clinic Diet

To best understand this diet, I bought a book in which I learned all the information I needed and not even significant details. The book is quite fascinating and not boring to read. It is written in a simple language that everyone can understand. The technique was developed not so long ago, so in the book, you can find many new and fresh views on things that are already boring.

The diet is well suited to those people who want to lose weight but has contraindications in connection with health problems, such as diabetes. The diet is rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories, with particular emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium should be avoided.

A special feature of the diet is a special fat-burning soup, which is recommended to be eaten for 7 days. During the diet, some women lose weight from 4 to 8 kg. However, only on the condition that you will implicitly abide by all the rules of the diet, which are as follows:

1. A complete ban on alcoholic beverages.

2. 8 glasses of water per day. (only clean water is taken into account, without gas).

3. Daily consumption of special soup.

The recipe for the fat-burning soup, on which the Mayo Clinic’s diet is based, is as follows: a cabbage, 6 medium onions, 2 green peppers, a couple of tomatoes and a bunch of celery are chopped and filled with water. The vegetables are brought to a boil, after which they reduce the heat and cook the soup until cooked. 5 minutes before the end of cooking, season the soup with salt, pepper, curry or other spices. Since fat-burning soup has a negative calorie content, the body needs much more energy to digest it than it does when consumed. This allows the body to actively burn fat cells and quickly become saturated since water and fiber have the property of filling the stomach.

You won’t be full of one soup as well as the results of a diet

I leave my photo of weight loss before and after in the article and I want to say that such a result is the consequence of great work, and not just reading books and eating soup. You eat other food besides soup, here you need to figure it out more carefully so as not to overeat and not to gain even more. You can eat any fruit except bananas and grapes throughout the diet. Although I could afford to eat a banana once a week. It is recommended to partially limit yourself from legumes and potatoes.

The disadvantages of the diet include too low-calorie intake, which can lead to disturbances in the body. Therefore, this diet is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidneys. Moreover, the intensive loss of a large amount of weight is too much a burden for the body.

I allowed myself to make small violations and deviations from the rules, but I found a logical and justified excuse. In addition to changes in his diet, I increased my physical activity. My morning began with sports every day. And several times a week I visited the gym, where I balance strength training with cardio workouts.

I even started working with a trainer to get professional advice and speed up the process of transforming my body. I say it is “transformation”, and not “losing weight” because just losing weight is boring. It is much more useful and inspiring to reassemble the whole body from what you choose yourself, and for which you will be ready to sacrifice your time in the gym and in the kitchen.

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