Janet Jackson weight loss

The famous sister of Michael Jackson interrupted her career for several years. She left the stage and many of us forgot her. Few people know, but during these years she has been preparing for one of the most important decisions of her life – pregnancy and the birth of a child.

She managed to get pregnant at the age of 50 and at 51 she became a mom. As you know, many women gain extra pounds during pregnancy. Janet Jackson gained as much as 80 pounds! The singer did not despair but set a new goal – to lose weight in order to return to the stage in a new role.

Let’s look at the changes in Janet’s life, with the help of which she was able to lose weight within 9 months.


Coach Pauletta Sibliss told reporters that the singer is actively and regularly involved in the workout (45-60 minutes a day, five times a week). According to her words, Jackson lost more weight due to strength training.

“I wanted her to lose pounds, our goal was to get rid of fat and build muscle. I am trying to convey to women that strength training is very effective. For some reason, many believe that this type of training, on the contrary, only adds weight, but this is not at all the case. When muscles work, fat is burned not only during training but also after it,” the trainer said.

Strength training helps build quality muscle mass. Metabolism directly depends on dry body weight, i.e. muscles, bones, and organs. Therefore, the more muscle in your body is, the higher the level of basic metabolism will be, and the more calories your body will burn around the clock.

The growth of muscle tissue is a long-term process, which means that due to strength exercises, fat will be burned in the body for an even longer period.


A nutritious and balanced diet for Janet made David Allen. The singer consumed approximately 1250 calories per day. Also, she began to eat more often: 4-5 times a day. During the diet, the singer had to forget about all processed foods, sugar, flour, alcohol and sweet soda. Her diet was based on vegetables and proteins: eggs, chicken breast, salmon, shrimp, asparagus, oatmeal, and other healthy foods.

So, there are the basic principles of eating Janet Jackson during weight loss:

• small portions;

• to eat 4 times a day;

• more protein and plant foods;

• no fatty or harmful foods;

• to consume from 1150 to 1450 kcal per day.


One of the most significant components of her weight loss Janet considers asleep. Healthy sleep is a very important factor in losing weight. Of course, the singer has a very busy schedule, but she tries to take sleep breaks. Indeed, the lack of sleep is one of the first causes of overeating. It has been proven that due to lack of sleep, people consume 385 calories more than usual. At the moment, Janet’s weight is a little bit more than 120 pounds.

“Paulette helped me to choose a diet in which I do not feel hungry and being limited in any food. Of course, I refused meat. But I eat fish, including quite oily, not only grilled but also fried. As for sweets, sometimes I pamper myself with my favorite Snickers. However, I didn’t eat too much sweet before. After all, I grew up with a dream to work in show business, and artists, by the time of my youth, had to be thin. It’s good that at least know something is beginning to change in the minds of people” said Janet.

It sounds unusual, but asleep helps us not to overeat or even lose weight. We have prepared for several rules for effective sleep.

How many hours do you need to sleep?

Each person needs a different number of hours to relax. Healthy sleep for women and men can differ. So it is important to listen to your body and give it as much time to relax as it requires.

The ideal time for a healthy sleep

Accustom yourself to a certain regime of the day and try to go to bed at the same time. It is believed that from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m. – this is a sleeping time of beauty, and from midnight to morning – the sleep of health continues. At the weekend, continue the routine of your everyday life and do not give the body indulgences from the desire to sleep off for a week, which will be harmful.

How to prepare for bed?

Accustom yourself to the ritual of falling asleep properly. To do this, before going to bed, let some air into the room, and take a walk in the fresh air. In the room where you sleep, it should not be too hot. The optimal temperature for sleep is + 20- + 22 degrees C.

Today we can see the excellent results of losing weight Janet Jackson. Would you like to follow her example?

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