Jordyn Woods weight loss

Recently, Jordyn Woods shared with her audience feelings about her appearance on the new YouTube channel. In the first video, Jordyn Woods shared her experiences from childhood. As a teenager she was embarrassed to wear swimwear but now we can see her photos in magazines. According to Jordyn, she was always a big-size child, but when she was a teenager she started to have a complexes about her weight.

“Instead of a bikini, I wore oversized T-shirts, and I didn’t go to pool parties,” the girl said. At the age of 13, Woods, along with Willow Smith, first got into the lenses of the paparazzi. The comments under the photo about her shape made the teenager depressed. “I remember reading all these terrible comments and crying. It broke me. I was overwhelmed,” Woods shared. Books on self-development helped her to accept herself. However, at the age of 19, the tragedy with her father became a new incentive to lose extra pounds. Workout helped to fight through every hardship and distract her.

“I lost about 26 pounds in five months and felt great,” said Jordyn in the video.

One of the most influential factors in the success of Jordyn was individual trainings with a trainer. She emphasized that it is important that the coach should be interested in your progress as much as you want it yourself.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a coach and enjoy training?

Everyone needs a trainer, even athletes. If a person does not have experience and special professional education, then he cannot build training competently.

Many believe that the main criteria when choosing a coach are:

• cost of services;

• location of the gym where the trainer works;

• slight disparity of years.

But these criteria are not always proper when choosing. Before choosing a trainer, most of us read reviews on the website of the fitness club, and also went to a trial lesson. We learned about education and work experience during training.

We have prepared some recommendations for you to choose a personal trainer. Where to begin?


Now there are many “specialists” and people who are ready to train you. Amateurs are also included in this category of people. But being a good athlete and a good coach are two different things.

Be sure to ask what kind of education the trainer has. It may be a diploma of higher education.

He can also be educated at one of the certified training centers for trainers. This is important, because the trainer must be well versed in anatomy science and physiology. Otherwise, your health may be at risk. If the trainer regularly takes courses and attends lectures – this is perfect. This is a person who is studying and up to date with all the latest scientific researches. Feel free to also ask if the trainer is reading relevant literature. And if so, which books he or she prefers.

“What is your goal?”

Based on the detailed information received from the client, the trainer builds a training schedule and confirms a diet plan. Please note that a qualified trainer cannot and should not just give you a meal schedule from the Internet. A qualified trainer will collect detailed information about your daily routine, opportunities and eating habits. After that he will create a diet, already based on the information received and considering how realistic it will be for you to follow a specific diet.


If you follow all the coach’s recommendations, follow the diet and do not miss workout hours, and there is no result for a long time, then you should think about changing your trainer. The coach could not take into account your features and work with you, as well as with other clients. It is not right. If you don’t want, or you don’t have the opportunity to change the coach yet, tell him about the poor results. Then he must review the training program and change it. In general, the coach should keep a check on your results and change a program if there is no results.

But before blaming the trainer, think about whether you are doing everything right. Maybe you violate the diet and do not admit it. A trainer cannot control you outside the gym.

Introductory Questions

The questions that the coach asks at the first meeting are very revealing. He should ask about your state of health if you have any chronic diseases and contraindications to certain loads. Therefore, before you start training, consult your doctor. This is already your area of ​​responsibility.

The trainer should also ask what specific results you want to achieve: lose weight, build muscle, keep the body in good shape or develop functional indicators. He should learn as much as possible about your expectations from training.

How is the training?

Some coaches try to maximize the load of their customers, not taking into account the level of their physical fitness. This can be harmful to the body.

Also, during the training, the trainer should be fully focused on you. If he is chatting with colleagues, leafing check a social media or has his or her own workout at the same time, you should not trust him. He may miss the point when you make mistakes while doing exercises. And this threatens injury.

Variety of workouts

Unfortunately, most fitness trainers give each client a standard set of exercises that helped them to achieve success in fitness or bodybuilding. A variety of workouts is what you need to pay close attention to when doing personal exercises with a fitness instructor. Sport is about individual sensations and body features. A good trainer will determine during the training process which of the exercises have dubious effectiveness for you, and replace them with more effective ones.

For celebrities, finding a personal trainer takes a lot of time. Some follow in steps of their colleagues, while others are engaged in the search themselves. In any case, they have strict selection criteria and high demands. What about you? What are you guided by when choosing a personal trainer?

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