Ayesha Curry shares the healthy lifestyle secrets that helped her lose 35 pounds

Ayesha is a multifaceted personality. She began her career as a model and actress. After marriage and the birth of a child, the woman decided to make family a priority. From a glamorous young lady, Curry has turned into a housewife. The always active and energetic young mother began to spend almost all her time at home. Naturally, due to a sedentary lifestyle, the excess weight began to appear. The situation worsened during the next two pregnancies.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Canada Lifestyle, Aesha – actress, chef, and cookbook author – shared how she remained active and healthy while self-isolating at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“To be healthy, it’s not just what you do in the gym or kitchen, but also what happens in between and how it all fits together,” said Ayesha, 31.

NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife and mom of three showed off their figure in an Instagram post, revealing that she lost 35 pounds during the pandemic.

Ayesha Curry 2020 weight loss secrets

At some point, Curry decided to pull herself together so as not to set a negative example for her numerous followers on Instagram. She mastered the basics of cooking and even published her own book of healthy eating recipes. Ayesha admits that the main motivation for losing weight in her case was the fact that she wanted to be beautiful and healthy for herself and for people who depended on her. As a result, beauty managed to lose 35 pounds.

One thing that has helped her stay focused on her goals is the Fitbit Premium series, which offers health tips, workouts, delicious and nutritious food ideas, and activities for the whole family to subscribers.

“I started my fitness journey because I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and the people who depend on me,” she signed the post in July. But it was important that I did it my own way, which meant that I needed to train to fit into my life, not take me away from it. “

For starters, Ayesha recommended staying active using simple equipment such as 2 lb and 3 lb kettlebells, resistance bands, a rug, and a bench or chair.

“I really love my own weight, so I don’t need a lot of equipment,” she told Yahoo Canada Lifestyle.

Ayesha said her daily routine usually starts with coffee with a mixture of ghee and coconut oil. By noon, she tries to drink about 1 liter of water and season it with cucumbers and lemon.

“Fitbit Premium came in handy due to the quarantine,” she said. “It was great when I traveled in and out of my routine — I could use the extensive workout library anytime, anywhere, so I didn’t get lost on my way. It’s a great resource for home and on the go. go to training.”

In addition, Curry said that she and husband Stephen, 32, and their daughters Ryan Carson, 5, Riley Elizabeth, 8, and son Canon W. Jack, 2, are a “green vegetable family.”

“We love Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and broccoli,” she said. “I like to fry them over high heat to give everything a nice charred look and enhance the flavor of the vegetables.”

Ayesha also creates food traditions for a family of five, including chicken parma, which is “nostalgic” because it is one of the first dishes she made when she started dating Stephen.

“I make a lighter breading, using panko instead of regular bread crumbs, and whip up a super quick and fresh tomato sauce for the filling,” she said.

Sleep is also critical to a healthy lifestyle, Ayesha said. “I never realized how much sleep affects everything else, but what I learned from my Fitbit sleep data is that I miss it, so this is the next thing I will work on.”

“It has a lot to do with our overall health and is so important,” she added.

And she’s lucky that she can live a healthy life with Stephen by his side.

“Stephen and I rode our bicycles together on the street, which was very enjoyable, or we are trying to schedule time together for training,” she said, adding that their children will participate in training from time to time.

“It’s like a summer camp where Stephen and I are at home,” Ayesha said. “Therefore, we try to keep the children active.”

Ayesha Curry weight loss scandal

Recently, screen star Aisha Curry sparked controversy after simply posting photos in a bikini. Twitter users began to sarcastically remember celebrities from her old post about revealing outfits. It doesn’t matter that the publication is five years old.

The heroine of the material is actively involved in Instagram, and recently there were photos in it, which later caused widespread discussion on Twitter. The pictures are not unusual: Curry poses in a bathing suit next to the house.

Instagram users in the comments admired Curry’s slender figure, envied the celebrities, and someone assured: it’s all about photoshop or plastic surgery. The frames would have remained a usual post on Instagram with the corresponding replays, but, unfortunately for the girl, users of social networks do not forget contradictory statements to celebrities.

“Didn’t she say that only her husband can see her body? Or something like that?” – wrote one of the followers.

Indeed, Aisha, a staunch Christian, tweeted about revealing outfits in 2015, judging by what fans thought. Some people than even considered that the words of the star of the culinary show were addressed to the girls, and accused her of slut-shaming (intolerance of women who demonstrate their sexuality with clothes, having an active sex life).

It would seem that after years, users of social networks will no longer remember about Curry’s posts, but the commentators turned out to be vindictive. A lot of publications appeared and became viral on Twitter, in which Aisha got hit for behavior that allegedly did not correspond to his remarks five years ago. People were especially angry and amused that the footage appeared on the presenter’s social network, when the girl, according to them, lost weight.

However, Aisha had many defenders. Some of the users of the social network were perplexed by the attack of Twitter on the star, believing that her new photos could not be called frank – which means there is no point in remembering the old.

But, perhaps, Aisha really changed her mind regarding the demonstration of the body – and there is nothing wrong with that, according to users of the social network.

And someone is simply surprised that the inhabitants of social networks have not forgotten the old tweets to the girl. That is why the life of the stars is not so cloudless, commentators remind.

However, Curry’s pictures are now inspiring other young moms to lose weight without too much stress on the body. The most important thing is to watch your diet, eat tasty and healthy food. Plus, physical exercise is mandatory, because without sports, on one diet, you will not be able to achieve good results. At the same time, it is necessary to find the optimal balance so as not to exhaust yourself too much with training.

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