Tanya Burr weight loss secrets 2019

Tanya Burr weight loss secrets 2019

Celebrities keep sharing with us their weight loss secrets and today we will learn more about diet, training plan and the regime of Tanya Burr. Known as a beauty blogger, she has over 3 million followers on Instagram. Her career began with famous people makeup tutorials, later she began to create her makeup. As a popular person, she is often invited to social events. It is impossible to prepare for them in a few days, you need to plan a diet, create your own diet rules, check the health status and training schedule.

In one of her posts on Instagram, Tanya Burr posted that she loves yoga. Without yoga, there is no great end to the day, relaxation and calming thoughts.

On Twitter and Instagram, she sometimes advises her subscribers to spare some time for yoga after exhausting strength training. In her book “Love, Tanya” – she writes: «Yoga is brilliant for making sure you take a long, deep breath and focus on the present moment. By observing a breath, it can make such a difference in how you feel. I think sometimes it is easy to not stop and focus on breathing properly. Yoga is great for practicing slowly taking breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth». 

What yoga complex to choose following the example of Tanya Burr?

 Experts offer a lot of variations, but in our opinion, one of the most effective will be this set of exercises:

1. Start with the most important asana for relaxation is the “Pose of the Child” 

After doing it, the femoral muscles are relaxed and the mind calms down. To enter this pose you need to:

• Squat;

• buttocks should be pressed to the legs;

• head falls on the mat;

• arms extended forward.

Practice this pose when you want to cope with a stressful situation.

2. After the Pose of the child, we gradually move to the Snake Asana 

This exercise has a very good effect on the respiratory organs: the lungs increase in volume, the spine relaxes, its deformation goes away. This asana has a rejuvenating effect. This pose includes the following movements:

• it is necessary to lie on your stomach and close your legs, toes should be extended;

• palms set at shoulder level closer to the pelvis;

• when you exhale, the body should rise and arms should be straightened;

• after that, we slowly wind the hand behind the head;

• The shoulders should be pulled back.

In this position, you need to stay up to 20 seconds, after which you should relax and lower. Asana itself can be repeated up to 3 times.

3. The asana of the Dancing Dog can start immediately after the asana of the Snake 

This pose is used to restore energy and relieve tension from the neck and arms. This posture provides the following set of exercises:

  • first you need to put your feet shoulder-width apart;
  • palm rest on the floor, elbows should be straight;
  • if it is impossible to straighten the legs, then they can be slightly bent at the knees;
  • the head should be relaxed;
  • freeze in a pose for 30 seconds and monitor breathing.

4. Asana “Butterfly Wings” is actively used to relax the legs 

This asana is aimed at the work of the hips and involves the following exercises:

  • the heels and toes of the legs are folded together in the palms;
  • after that you need to swing your knees in different directions, imitating the wings of a butterfly.

Use this position carefully because of possibly knee injuries.

5. The pose of the Dead

 Used for total relaxation of the body. First, you need to focus on your breath. This asana includes the following actions:

• it is necessary to lie on your back, head on the back of the head, hands are spread apart, palms up, legs to be parted;

• the body relaxes;

• it is especially necessary to relax the lower jaw;

• the tongue should not make movements;

• eyeballs should also not move;

• with this position, the breath is deep at first, after which you should switch to a slower one.

In this state, you can stay up to 20 minutes. To relax, you need to do a small breath-hold. Beginners in this position may fall asleep.

Perform all asanas slowly and consciously to get the best effect.


Did you know that with the popular blog on YouTube and Instagram, Tanya is the author of books, among which there is the book “Tanya bakes.” Yes, besides her hobby, which has become a career, she enjoys baking. Now, Tanya Burr is creating collaborations with other bloggers, which are very interesting to watch. In her book, she collected her favorite baking recipes and shares them with us. But, in everyday life, Tanya controls her diet. Her diet consists of fruits and vegetables; she prefers cereals and quite often eats sweets. But this she compensates for the hours spent in the gym.

The approximate diet of Tanya Burr for several days looks like this:

Proper balanced nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Daily caloric content averages 1400-1500 kcal. Also, do not forget to drink water.

Day 1:


• 2 eggs (soft-boiled / boiled);

•    Cucumber tomato;

• Slice of whole-grain bread with curd cheese;

•    Herbal tea.


• Cottage cheese 1% 150 grams, half a banana, berries.


• Brown rice / buckwheat + vegetables;

• 2 pieces of baked chicken.


• Any fruit / 10 nuts.


• Fresh vegetable salad 250 grams, a coffee spoon of oil,

• Baked or boiled lean meat/fish 150 gr.

Day 2:


• Oatmeal (pour 50 grams of Hercules with boiling water, cover for 5 minutes, add a teaspoon of honey, berries/fruits/seeds);

• Herbal/green tea.


• Yogurt 100 g

• 1 apple/pear or 150 grams of berries.


• pasta 150 g / porridge pea / millet / buckwheat;

• beef / chicken goulash 100 g;

•    vegetable salad.


• cottage cheese casserole 150 gr (cheesecakes).


• Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, feta cheese);

• Baked meat / fish – 150 gr.

Day 3


• Omelet from 2 eggs with herbs (oil – half a teaspoon);

• Herbal/green tea.


• Whole grain bread with cheese.


• Vegetable soup 200 grams;

• 1 egg.


• Cottage cheese or kefir 150 grams + cinnamon.


• Baked fish with fresh vegetables.

A similar type of diet allows the popular beauty blogger not only to lose weight but also to maintain a stable weight.

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