Amy Nay weight loss of 2019

Amy Nay weight loss of 2019

Do you like to watch TV shows? If you are interested in the topic of weight loss, then you could not miss the ‘Zero Hunger Zero Waste’ show and not pay attention to the charming TV presenter Amy Nay. Collaborations with different people have made her popular. As for any other famous person, it is important to look great. What is she doing to achieve this goal?


If you still think that proper nutrition is boring and monotonous, then Amy Nay suggests looking at some interesting recipes for every day. It turns out it’s so easy!


should give a lot of energy. Oatmeal with banana and walnuts is not only ideal for breakfast but also is incredibly tasty.


• Oatmeal – 48 g;

• Water – 100 g;

• Milk 1.5% – 40 g;

• Sea salt – 1 g;

• Butter 82.5% – 5 g;

• Banana – 50 g (0.4 pcs.);

• Walnuts – 5 g;

• Honey – 4.5 g

Cooking method:

• pour oatmeal into a small pan, pour out water and milk;

• mix all the ingredients, add salt;

• at this time, cut the banana;

• when the water in the porridge begins to heat up, you must begin to slowly stir it until fully cooked;

• when the porridge is ready, add butter to it and mix well;

• put the oatmeal on a plate and put slices of banana on it;

• then add walnuts and half a teaspoon of honey.

There is nothing easier than making dinner with cottage cheese and strawberries

Only 2 minutes and a tasty and healthy dish is ready.


• Soft cottage cheese 4% – 250 g;

• Strawberries – 80 g;

• Honey – 9 g;

• Crushed peanuts – 5 g.

Cooking method:

• wash, peel and chop strawberries in any way you prefer;

• transfer the cottage cheese to a deep plate;

• put strawberries on the cottage cheese and pour with honey;

• Sprinkle crushed peanuts with strawberries and enjoy.

Philadelphia Tuna Salad and Toast


• Lettuce – 25 g;

• Tomatoes – 75 g;

• Cucumber – 50 g;

• Canned tuna in its juice – 40 g;

• Olive oil – 5 g;

• Whole-grain toast bread – 25 g;

• Philadelphia Cheese – 25 g.

Cooking method:

• Place the pan on a large fire or turn on the toaster;

• rinse the salad and vegetables;

• when the pan or toaster is heated, use them to dry the bread until crisp;

• while the bread is drying, cut the vegetables and mix with lettuce;

• add canned tuna and olive oil to the greens;

• mix the salad well and put on a plate;

• Let the toast cool a little and spread the cheese on it.

Crispy toast with pesto is an incredibly tasty version of a healthy snack

The toast with pesto sauce consists of only 2 ingredients.


• Whole grain bread – 25 g;

• Pesto sauce – 25 g.

Cooking method:

• dry the bread on both sides to a crunch in a pan or a toaster;

• Spread pesto on bread.


Amy is the mother of two sons. If you have children, then the active rest is guaranteed! How can you lose weight while walking or playing with children? Here are some tips from Amy her:

During training in the fresh air, you can combine any kind of physical activity – first a little jogging, then half an hour of martial arts, and at the end of yoga asanas and breathing exercises. Everyone is free to do exactly what he likes – without restrictions dictated by the trainer or group training program in the fitness club. Even an active walk around the city for 40 minutes with a stroller is already an excellent muscle load.

For those who are just starting an exercise program after childbirth, I recommend exercising with their weight. First, you need to learn the technique of exercise. You need to hold the child properly as well.

Here are some exercises with your weight while the child is playing.

1. 180 Degree Squats

Squats are a basic leg exercise that involves quadriceps, hind muscles of the thigh, buttocks, and calves. To do this exercise, we suggest doing sit-ups with a jump with a 180-degree turn. This exercise works out the strength, endurance, and mobility of the lower body.

How to practice. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms along the body. Start with a regular squat, then tense the abs muscles, bounce with a 180-degree turn. After landing, lower your pelvis back into the squat.

Land as carefully as possible. Use your foot to jump, not just your toes. Take two to three sets of 10 reps.

2. Burpee

Burpee is considered one of the best exercises with your weight to maintain physical fitness. When fully performed, it involves a large number of muscles: triceps, pectoral muscles, abs, and legs. Burpee improves muscle endurance, which is especially useful for runners.

How to practice. Stand evenly, feet shoulder-width apart, then sit down and place your palms on the floor. Now quickly jump backward to be in the bar on straight arms. Lower your chest and legs to the floor. Then quickly jump back into the squat, keeping your hands on the floor. Now jump up to the starting position.

Repeat two or three sets of 10 reps.

3. Running in place with high knees

This exercise develops the strength and endurance of the hip flexor muscles, quadriceps, stretches the hip extensor muscles, which include the gluteus muscles, develops a long step for faster and more efficient running, muscle endurance.

How to practice. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Lift the leg bent at the knee to parallel with the floor. Bend the arm opposite the leg at the elbow, as when running. Quickly change your foot and arm to simulate running.

Perform 2-3 laps of 30-45 seconds of work, alternating with 30-15 seconds of rest.

Amy manages to combine her business and self-care. Do not give up and you will succeed too!

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