Extreme 10-day weight loss

Fly Yoga Helps Me Lose Weight Despite Back Problems: extreme 10-day weight loss

Mia Smith
36 years
The seamstress

When they told me that I had problems with my back, I realized that I had to be careful with eating food, because if I have extra weight, getting rid of it will not be so simple.

I am forbidden to exercise and all kinds of outdoor activities, including even skiing. I tried different methods of dealing with this. Most of all, massage helped me, but it did not have a lasting effect on me. Back pain ended for a week, and then everything came back.

If during the day I was less active, I did not even feel pain in the joints, but as soon as I exceeded the norm, I needed painkillers. I started to gain weight, even though I ate little. This could not continue anymore and I decided to try to go flying yoga.

For me, it was an extreme 10-day weight loss. This is the period I gave myself to try to do yoga. Occupation has become for me, as a new way of knowing my body. In fact, this type of yoga is no different from ordinary yoga, except that all exercises are performed in hammocks suspended on a meter.

In the first lesson, they told me that I should gradually join the group of students so as not to harm myself. In the first classes, I performed simple static exercises, hung in one position, but felt how calories burned on me.

Turning down and having to balance all the time in the air improves blood flow, refreshes the whole body and strengthens the back (which was very important for me).

After the training, I did not go out tired and exhausted, nothing hurt and I felt great. Extreme 10-day weight loss was successful! I had no health problems and even managed to lose 5 pounds! 

With the help of yoga, I constantly losing 5 lbs per week

Even if I lose weight slowly, I am happy as a child. Imagine that you have already come to terms with the fact that you cannot take some things from this world, and here they give you a breath of fresh air!

It’s like a crack in the dark! I began to attend fly yoga every other day. The duration of the classes was one and a half to two hours. Yoga reduced my appetite, and I also no longer wanted to eat meat.

Perhaps I fell under the influence of the environment in which I was, but anyway, if this is a positive influence, then why not? Losing 5 lbs per week was easy for me, I will say more, I became much happier!

After 3 weeks, my hands decreased noticeably, my stomach tightened, and more plasticity appeared in my body. I found many new friends with whom we talked even outside the framework of the fly yoga group.

We often share recipes for delicious and dietary dishes and the names of interesting books. If you, as well as me, are lucky with the group, you can travel together and arrange fly yoga days in different countries.

The only negative is that you can not do this type of yoga at home. Theoretically, you can install a hammock in an apartment and perform exercises, but I believe that it is unrealistic to achieve this effect in this way.

Every morning I drink a glass of water with lemon, then on schedule a hearty and healthy breakfast, which consists of small portions of different products.

Despite the fact that I refused meat, I still eat animal products, such as eggs, cheese, etc. Doing yoga is great for the body and the brain. And if you, as I had problems with my back, boldly try fly yoga.

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