how quickly can you lose 20 pounds

Can you lose 15 pounds in a week with a diet? I lost weight and can protect myself

At school, my classmates often offended me because of my weight and vision problems. When I grew up they stopped calling me offensive words and I even started to like the opposite sex. But at that moment when I decided to lose weight, I thought that boxing is what suits me perfectly. I enrolled in the section and began to actively work on my body.

The coach told me that the first time I will spend a lot of time in the aerobic zone. Warm-up before training should be non-stop for about 25 minutes. This is an ideal temp for burning calories. I came to training in a rather poor and unprepared physical form, which meant that most of the time I spent in the aerobic zone.

Can you lose 15 pounds in a week with a diet? It seems to me not, or there is complete starvation. Thanks to boxing training, this is very easy to do. The training lasts 90 minutes. We know this from the very beginning, so you are calculating your strength.

But if you feel bad (darkens in the eyes, the pulse accelerates, profuse sweating in the palms of your hands) you should rest. My first fight in a pair took place after two weeks of my training. The duration of one battle is 3 minutes, then 1 minute of rest and again the battle.

Boxing helps not only lose weight. But also improve stamina. The last 30 minutes of training is a hitch. This part is very similar to a warm-up. We work at an average pace without accelerating. Can you lose 15 pounds in a week with simple exercises? – I think no.

Simple exercises need to be supplemented with diets. Boxing is interesting and useful, with its help I managed to lose 15 pounds, tighten my body, be more resilient and my vestibular apparatus became noticeably better functioning.

I won the fight with calories

Boxing has a lot to do with yoga. Both of them are aimed not only at the physical preparation of the body but also at the internal psychological state. In yoga, you seek harmony and peace that help you get along better with yourself.

In boxing, you kill insecurity, complexes and unnecessary thoughts that make life easier for you in society. But how quickly can you lose 20 pounds with yoga? I think that if I preferred yoga instead of boxing, I would lose weight in a month.

The reason for this is that yoga is less active. It burns a large number of calories, but it can not be compared with constant load and stress, as in boxing. How quickly can you lose 20 pounds if you are 24 and still overweight? – in a couple of weeks if you choose boxing.

An important stage of “drying the body”, athletes often specifically gain and lose weight. Some gain fat mass, thinking that they can translate it into muscles. I prefer the theory that you first need to dry the body, and then build muscle on it.

In our training, we jump a lot on a skipping rope. Jump rope before training and jump rope after training – as a golden rule. I like to play sports so that I do not have to go hungry, and at the same time, I am losing weight.

But still there are basic rules that must be observed: do not overeat at night, reduce the number of simple carbohydrates consumed, reduce the serving. In addition, there should be enough protein in your diet. Eat a few hours before your workout so you have strength.

I followed all these rules and I like my body. Despite the fact that I achieved the desired result, I still have a desire to continue to do this. This is a great hobby and a good time. If you return home late, meet a robber on the street, you have nothing to fear!

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