20 pounds in 20 days

How I turned from a housewife into a model: 20 pounds in 20 days

Elizabeth Monroe
25 years
The Model

We never know what unexpectedness can lie in wait for us in life. Sometimes these are quite logical things that change and we easily accept them. But it happens that twists of fate take us to a new life and to the feeling that we are now different.

I got married early and started life as an adult. I imagined that my husband and I would have children and live like in good films, celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other family holidays.

Then a tragedy happened in our family. Doctors said that I have a very low chance of having children and prescribed me to take hormonal drugs. I gained 20 pounds in 20 days, my good mood often gave way to a bad mood. I was always a big girl, but at that moment I just saw a thick body in front of a mirror.

I was depressed by the thought that if I will not have children, I could not live a full life. I have no profession and education, I can’t go to normal work, and it’s too late to enter college. I fell into a deep depression, rapidly gaining weight and my relationship with my husband went no-no.

One day he could not stand my pressure and mood and just left. Then I stopped using hormonal drugs and started looking for friends to fill the void that was inside me. In the evenings, I visited the parks and tried to meet someone new there, but everyone was too busy with themselves and their own affairs.

Then I decided to go to a club of lonely people (many are ashamed to do this, but not me). In the group, I told the story of my life, about how I gained 20 pounds in 20 days, about the difficulties of having a child and how my husband left me.

When I shared, I felt better, but my problems didn’t go away from this, and in my heart, I remained the same sad and fat girl Lizzy. Just a few days of self-digging and self-flagellation, I came to the conclusion that the only person with whom I will spend my whole life is me.

And one must find compromises and a common language with oneself, otherwise, it is fraught with misfortune. The next day, I began to actively look for a job, some activity to be busy. But I smiled noticeably more and gradually began to come to my senses.

I became more discriminating in the food I eat and even bought a scale to monitor my weight. Libra told me that I had gained another 20 pounds in 20 days. I had to do something about it.

I went to study at a business school and found many new friends there. One of them was Jane. Jane wanted to open her underwear store for obese girls. We quickly made friends with her.

After graduating from business school, she invited me to become a model for a photoshoot in lingerie, which she herself began to produce. At first, it seemed to me that she was joking. By that time, I had lost a little weight but still thought that my figure was clearly not suitable for advertising. But Jane was persistent, and I had to give up.

My 5-day diet to lose 15 lbs

The photoshoot was planned a week after the invitation. I decided that by this time I could have time to lose some weight in order to look better. I spent two on finding a suitable, and most importantly effective diet for myself.

It consisted of the fact that for 5 days eat is nothing but buckwheat and water. This diet is used by many models who want to quickly lose weight before shows or photoshoots. I could not believe my happiness. I create a plan for a 5-day diet to lose 15 lbs.

My photos will be seen on the Internet and possibly even on posters on the street. My happy there was no limit. I bought a stationary bike and my morning started with a bike ride so that my buttocks looked better.

I began to perform the exercise for the abdomen “vacuum”, with my excess weight it was difficult, but on the third day I did 3 minutes non-stop and I considered this a good result. 5-day diet to lose 15 lbs was not in vain.

Every day I ate buckwheat and drank 1.5 liters of water. When I saw the photos after the photoshoot I was delighted. Never before in my life have I seen myself so beautiful!

After the publication of the photo, many people began to invite me as models for various online stores, and I accept invitations with pleasure. I concluded for myself that all the changes, even the most bitter, will still lead you to a white streak in life.

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