Hilary Duff weight loss secrets

After giving birth, Hilary Duff experienced a negative impact on her from others. It was only due to excess weight. Like many celebrities, she decided not to forget about the problem and to make her appearance much better. In this article, we’ll talk about Hilary’s diet, workout, and how she copes with her mom’s status.


Hilary strongly recommends consulting with your doctor before returning to active workouts after giving birth. Because of physical activity, Duff prefers swimming and running. She walks a lot – not surprisingly – she has two children with whom she spends a lot of time outside.

Hilary Duff weight loss Diet

Say no to fried, salty and fatty food – these words are the main principles of Hilary’s diet.

Sometimes the issue of excess weight is solved by excluding from the diet fried, salty and fatty goods. This was the first step to lose weight for Hilary. First, she reduced the size of the portions, and then completely removed such dishes from the diet. By the way, Duff does not like vegetables in any way. She replaced it with couscous and sweet and sour fruits.

Drinking water

Hilary Duff drinks mineral non-carbonated water instead of tea. Compliance with the drinking water schedule is the main rule of losing weight. At the same time, tea, coffee, fruit drinks, and other drinks are not included in the daily allowance. Hilary refused green tea in favor of mineral water without gas with a slice of lemon.


In an interview, Duff admitted: unlike most colleagues, she did not give up cow’s milk. For breakfast, Duff most often eats oatmeal and two-egg omelet.

Complex carbohydrates for lunch

The daily calorie intake for Hilary is no more than 1,800 (taking into account physical activity). For lunch, the actress must eat complex carbohydrates with easily digestible protein. For example, it can be risotto with seafood.

At the same time, Duff does not really like pasta – she orders it only in Italy. She replaces it with rice noodles, which she cooks with olive oil. And, of course, a bit of parmesan – how could it be cooked without cheese?

Also, try baking low-calorie foods instead of standard desserts. There are many recipes on the Internet.

Training process with a specialist

After giving birth, Hilary used to do workout exercises with a personal trainer. He helped her to get rid of the first 10 pounds. Then she was engaged in boxing for several hours a week.

Hilary Duff tells us about her favorite way to lose weight

“Interval training is the best way to train for a long time. It is also a great way to relax in the gym if you are a beginner. Interval training means alternating periods of intensity. It can be only 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strength exercises for the total duration of the training. If you are just starting, do not think that you will have to spend an hour on cardio and an hour on strength training. Start small, and as you move, you can make longer / shorter / more intense intervals”.

 Not for all types of workouts, you need to visit the gym or have equipment at home to conduct an excellent workout. You can practice interval training at home. It has been proven that exercises with bodyweight contribute to fat loss and increase muscle mass, and also allow you to stabilize and balance your muscles more than exercise machines.

Listen to your heart

At 17, obsessed with generally accepted standards, she carefully controlled what she eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Duff weighed 45 kg and now regrets about it. After giving birth, the paparazzi all the time tried to catch her in “uncomfortable” places, and journalists regularly wrote about it. Such pressure only interfered with the process of losing weight. As soon as Hilary stopped paying attention to it, her life became better – the hated it when pounds left quickly.

Keep the balance of the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

You may have read about this rule many times, but you must not forget it. You cannot ignore the daily calorie content if you want to achieve a quick and lasting result. Only a balanced diet will help to keep a perfect shape and say goodbye to overweight forever.

These are the rules Hilary Duff offers for quality weight loss. If you are interested in losing extra pounds, then you can pay attention to the preferences of Hilary Duff.

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