Rebel Wilson lost 45 pounds: how she did it

Following Adele, the whole world watching at comedy star Rebel Wilson weight loss. At the beginning of her career, comedian Rebel Wilson told right and left that it was the extra weight that became her lucky ticket to the world of cinema. Being an unknown actress, she saw how a plump girl made the audience laugh on the screen and decided that she could do the same.

“I remember, I immediately thought – “this is because she is bigger than me.” And then … I don’t know how consciously it was, but I thought: “Maybe if I become a little bigger …” and suddenly I was much bigger and started getting all these comedic roles,” – said Rebel in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph in 2016.

Then the actress admitted that she suffers from hormonal imbalance, which is why she is gaining weight rather quickly but also quickly loses it off. Rebel weighed more than 220 pounds when she played in the films “Pitch Perfect”, “Actively Searching”, “Inveterate Fraudsters” and others. However, at the premiere of Cats, an adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Rebel appeared considerably thinner. The other day, coach Rebel, Australian Yono Castano Acero, showed photos and videos from their training and said that they are doing – attention! – 7 pieces of training per week.

Rebel Wilson 2020 weight loss

Rebel now weighs 45 pounds less than a year ago. Rebel told how she lost weight on the set of the musical “Cats”.

“After dancing for 12 hours a day next to the lighting fixtures and – as a result – in the constant sauna mode, I lost weight rapidly. I lost 45 pounds in two months.”

The actress, apparently, is not going to stop at this. In her first Instagram post in 2020, Rebel announced that she plans to focus on her health in the coming year by exercising and eating right.

“2020 will be called the Year of Health for me, I deliberately went in for sports, avoid sugar and unhealthy food. Who is with me and ready to bring positive changes in my life?” – she wrote.

5 secrets to a healthy lifestyle by Rebel Wilson

If earlier Wilson claimed that it was the excess weight that became her cherished key, which opened all the doors of Hollywood film studios, now she is seriously concerned about nutrition and training. Rebel’s goal is not parameters 90-60-90: the actress, suffering from a hormonal imbalance (disease due to which a person gains weight rather quickly, but also quickly loses it), just wants to improve metabolism and become more athletic. But it takes considerable effort.

Thanks to nutritionist Keith Save of the Daily Mail Australia, reporters learned about Rebel’s regimen and five basic rules that helped (and still help) her to get closer to her dream. To begin with, the 40-year-old actress is boxing, hiking, climbing, and descending stairs, and also follows Dr. Mayer’s method. But first things first.


On Rebel’s Instagram, you can see how the actress works with dumbbells, lifts heavy car tires, and is not at all afraid to take an extra load on her arms and legs – of course, under the careful supervision of her coach Jono Castano. Earlier, the man already said that Wilson trains 7 times a week, and she needs weights to strengthen the muscle corset.

High intensity of classes

The actress develops resilience in herself with intensive HIIT workouts, thanks to which the extra pounds go away the best. Such an intensive course can be a ladder run, work with heavy ropes, box sparring. All of the above helps to get involved in the work of each muscle group, as well as diversify the workout and not concentrate on just lifting the dumbbells. However, judging by the footage from Rebel’s blog, during her “charging” she clearly does not get bored.


All in the same blog of the actress, you can find many pictures from her walks through the hills and mountains. Since Wilson is currently in Sydney, she most often takes the local Lighthouse Walk: it is only 1,5 miles long, but due to the steep ledges and slopes it takes about 90 minutes and works great as a cardio workout.

Mayer’s method

When it comes to nutrition, Rebel tries to stick to the so-called Dr. Mayer’s method. It is characterized by limiting the consumption of sugar, dairy products, and products containing gluten, and the inclusion of “clean” food in the diet. The method itself is to eat food slowly, carefully chewing each bite 40 times. Also, according to the advice of Dr. Mayer, breakfast is the best meal and it is advisable not to overuse heavy foods after 4 pm. Apparently, the actress began to follow these principles after visiting the VivaMayr wellness center in Australia. Now she tries to eat more greens, vegetables, and pure protein. But even a milkshake – judging by Instagram – sometimes allows himself.

The course of treatment according to Mayer always begins with a complete diagnosis of the body, which excludes contraindications and sets the framework for the applicability of the technique. Nowadays, diagnostics include a general urine analysis, a general and biochemical blood test, an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and urinary system, an ECG, a consultation with doctors (therapist, nutritionist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, etc.), if necessary, the patient will be referred for additional laboratory and instrumental survey. Based on the results of the examination and tests, the doctor prescribes an optimal diet.

The course of treatment may include procedures such as hardware and manual lymphatic drainage, reflex foot massage, abdominal massage, and detoxification massage according to Mayer, microclusters, mineral and artificial baths, wraps, speleotherapy, physiotherapy exercises in the hall and pool, breathing exercises, manual methods therapy.


The actress has achieved visible results thanks to patience and changing habits, and not because of intermittent fasting or a strict diet. According to her trainer, exercising only makes sense if you plan on sticking to the new regimen in the long run. Jono Castano recommends giving yourself a year as the first term – and then continuing to follow the intended goal:

“Remember that if we are talking about two months, then this is too much stress for the body. So I advise you to be realistic and take small steps to progress,” he recently told Yahoo Lifestyle. Katano also recommends focusing on love and self-care:

“Pay attention to your food. Exercise 5 times a week. Make sure you recover from these workouts with stretching and sleep. Take in enough vitamins and nutrients. Treat your body like a temple!”

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