lose 20 kilos in 2 months

Training in the gym and BodyFlex helped me lose 20 kilos in 2 months

Isabella Jordan
27 years
The waitress

Most recently, I learned what BodyFlex is, after which my life has changed dramatically. To lose 20 kilos in 2 months, I not only visited the gym but every day I started doing exercises with the right breath.

Bodyflex will be convenient for people with increased employment, because you can do it anytime, anywhere, the essence of this is proper breathing, with the help of which more oxygen enters the body, more carbon dioxide is released.

Accordingly, sweat separation and chemical reactions in the body occur faster, this contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat molecules. On average, in order to lose weight, I visit the gym 2 or 3 times, where I perform strength exercises with a barbell, increasing the weight of dumbbells every week.

Training takes only an hour and is aimed at building muscle mass so that my figure seems more shaped. In addition, I eat a lot of protein and count calories. Systematically adhering to the schedule that I created for myself, I managed to lose 20 kilos in 2 months. There will be more!

Exercises and Bodyflex Intervals: 9-week weight loss before and after

There are several exercises aimed at proper breathing. When I added bodyflex to training in the gym, I recorded the results of 9-week weight loss before and after. Thus, I saw that my classes are not in vain and the weight is being spent more efficiently.

There are several correct exercises that you can perform even when preparing dinner in the kitchen. To begin with, it is worth bringing your breathing to a calm state, the pulse should be about 70 beats per minute.

Then you should take a deep breath and feel how the lungs were filled with oxygen; exhale smoothly with your mouth, so that the lips are curled into a tube. Try to retract your stomach so that it appears to be touching the spine.

After I take a sharp breath with my nose, keeping my lips closed, I inhale so that my stomach pouts and stretches forward. Take a few minutes to feel that there is no oxygen left in the lungs.

Another exercise is holding your breath for 10 seconds; while doing this exercise, the most important thing is to keep your back straight. When you have done all these exercises, repeat them several times.

losing 20 kilos in 2 months

I started with repetitions 2 times, then increased the time allotted for BodyFlex. Try to make sure that no one distracts you at this time, otherwise, the training will be less effective. If you smoke, do not smoke at least 2 hours before exercise.

I managed to not only lose weight, I improve my metabolism, also began to feel how the symptoms of chronic fatigue go away from me due to improved blood circulation. Proper breathing correctly affects the nervous system, improves immunity.

Internal fat, which encompasses vital organs, breaks down and is excreted with sweat. It is not recommended to perform exercises every day if you have enlarged arteries, are pregnant, have a high fever, high blood pressure, hernias, or a period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

I would like to focus on smoking during body-flexing classes. Before I decided to lose weight, I had a destructive habit – smoking. With the help of sports, I managed to get rid of it. With proper breathing, you can quickly clean your lungs of nicotine resins.

At some of my acquaintance’s brown secretions cleared their throat during classes. The body seemed to hint at a desire to throw out excess elements from the body. Do not be afraid of talking that when you quit smoking you gain weight. This is true only because your appetite is increasing, but if you control yourself, then you can not worry about gaining weight.

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