7 lbs in 7 days

What is biohacking and how has it affected my life? I can lose 7 pounds in 7 days

Madeleine Spencer
42 years
The Political Scientist

If I were asked to formulate an opinion about biological hacking, I would say that this is a huge complex consisting of various elements that are directly related to our body and, therefore, to our life.

This is a systematic approach to human biology that focuses on all aspects of the activity. The more I delved into the topic, the more it affected me and my body. Biohacking is not aimed only at losing weight, you become the master of your well-being and appearance.

When I learned about the practical side of putting a biohacker into practice, I started taking one photo every month. After half a year, the result was overwhelming, I think I’ve become 10 years younger! In addition, I can lose 7 pounds in 7 days without a big loss of time.

It is like a way of life. You choose this lifestyle, make efforts, but you will definitely notice the result. You will have to spend more effort analyzing vital functions, habits and body conditions.

Medical and wellness practices are aimed at prolonging life and improving its quality. If you study this relatively new direction, then learn to tune all the vital functions and processes of the body – nutrition, sleep, physical activity.

From personal experience, I can say that I became more productive, cheerful and attractive (which was important for me as a person and just a woman). Biohacking is based on diagnostics, but boring examinations in the clinic are not implied, it is a constant introspection on a psychological level and determining the number of antioxidants, heavy metals, trace elements, etc.

I knew that because of the tight work schedule, I would not be able to visit the gym often gym so that my workouts are effective, so the biohacker became for me a panacea that could normalize all my vital signs.

I started losing 7 pounds in 7 days, with a system of nine areas: nutrition, physical activity, hormonal status, detoxification, genetics, sleep, brain activity, and stress management. In all areas, I keep a diary that determines the effectiveness of what I do and also records my results and small victories over myself.

My step-by-step path to harmony

I became more mobile. If you sit a lot at work, it leads to muscle tension and destroys physical abilities. Try to get up every day and do simple exercises like squats, bends, and warm-ups.

Always keep your back straight – your ears are level with your shoulders. Redefine your view of nutrition. Do not set yourself the goal that you need to lose 5 pounds in 2 days. If you put yourself a line, you cause stress to the body.

Adhering to the correct schedule and a healthy lifestyle, excess weight will go away by itself. Include a large number of vegetables, vegetable oil in your diet and choose natural proteins. Limit yourself from carbohydrates and sugar.

Nutritionist JJ Virgin claims sugar is more addictive than morphine. If I need to lose 5 pounds in 2 days – the first thing I will do is give up sugar. This is, of course, all jokes, but this product can really be harmful to the body.

Pay more attention to the nature around you: refuse semi-finished products in favor of natural products, drink natural, purified water, breathe fresh air, and more often be in the sun. For me, the most important point of biohacking was awareness.

Feel happy because you live, you are healthy, you breathe. Do not make yourself think that life is full of grief and disappointment. Some psychologists advise creating discomfort because, in their opinion, uncomfortable situations help lower your expectations and increase stability.

I took the habit of starting my morning with a cold shower, it tempered me physically and mentally. The main thing is to start doing it smoothly, without trying to dive into the ice from the first day, otherwise, it is fraught with a cold.

Just try to lower the temperature of the water every day. Allocate time during the week for meditation. If you have more free time, meditate every day. Meditation is a proven path with enhanced awareness.

I love to listen to music, my playlist includes several thousand songs in different genres and at different times. It has been scientifically proven that music affects brain activity, in other words, it sets the rhythm for it. Be thankful!

In my diary, I created a separate section in which I write 3 things every day, for which I am grateful today. On the way to work, I feel, that I am “here and now.”

Feeling grateful is a special kind of meditation. What you put in your body affects what comes out of it. I help my body by taking extra vitamins: vitamin C, all B vitamins, fish oil, magnesium, zinc, arginine, creatine, melatonin.

I advise you not to repeat my prescription but you will go to the doctor to individually determine the missing elements. And remember, knowing yourself you can control internal processes.

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