Recipe to lose 5 pounds a week

Recipes to lose 5 pounds a week: throw away the TV and go out!

Julia Lewis
28 years
The Journalist 

I never noticed that I spend a lot of time watching TV shows and movies. Namely, lying on the couch prevented me from gaining a beautiful body, motivating myself and changing my life.

When we lie on the couch near the TV, there is pressure on the cells, which contributes to the formation of fats. It was very difficult for me to admit that I let my appearance drift and almost did not follow her.

It often happens that at a young age you don’t often think about any procedures that will make you more beautiful. You like your reflection in the mirror, youth, and fire in your eyes. But I believe that even if you are an infantile person, this will not always be the case.

One day you will think, “It’s time to do something about it.” When it came my time to think like that, I was not in a hurry to get upset but started looking for various ways to help myself.

My older sister shared with me her way to slowly lose weight and freshness throughout her body. She said that instead of watching TV the evening, she began to walk to the street or park, and after a month she even sold this TV and instead of the noise of television programs began to listen to music.

Recipe to lose 5 pounds a week: choose new routes for walking every evening. It’s not even necessary to just walk outside, sometimes it can be cold and unpleasant. Once a week I can allow myself to leave the house to drink wine in a cozy bar.

I don’t have to force myself to walk or even run. I met a lot of new people, sometimes in the evenings, we go for a walk together. I bought a smartwatch that measures how many steps I went through and how many calories I lost today. If I see that I have walked in less than 15,000 steps in a day, I immediately go for a walk.

Isometric exercises for abdominal muscles

Every girl knows her weaknesses. When we gain weight, some areas will be more problematic than others: for some, it may be the legs, for some backs, for some girls, weight gain is immediately visible on the face, cheeks become larger and so on.

My area of ​​concern was my stomach. If I was gaining weight, it was primarily fat. It is fortunate that we live in the 21st century when many exercises for different parts of the body were already invented.

I knew that I could not lose five pounds overnight, but after a week it was easy to do. In addition to the “vacuum” exercise that I did every morning (it’s important not to miss), I started doing isometric exercises for the abdominal muscles.

At some point, I even inspired the belief that I could lose five pounds overnight. The main advantage of these exercises is their versatility, you can perform them while you go to work, went by transport or to watch a movie.

Exercise 1: while standing or sitting on a chair, hands on a belt, I perform as much twisting as possible, straining my abdominal muscles. The second exercise: it is better to perform it lying down. I bend my knees, feet on the floor, arms extended forward between the legs.

I begin to stretch my arms forward as hard as possible. Third: the starting position and the implementation of the same as in the previous exercise, the only difference is that the lower limbs are straightened and lie on the floor.

Exercise 4: I lie down on the floor and bend my knees, but my knees are on the floor, my hands behind my head, my elbows are apart – to do the twisting. 5: take the same pose as in paragraph 4, but try to make a turn with legs straightened.

Exercise 6: this exercise is performed while sitting at the table, hands should be on the edge of the countertop, push the table, contracting muscles. Further: sitting on the floor, I lean on my hands behind my back and try to keep my legs as high as possible and keep my weight, slightly bending my knees.

There are also separate isometric exercises for the oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen. I brought my body into good shape without diets and hunger, making a little change in my lifestyle, and I hope that I can help others do this.

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