A glass of water: the secret of an effective weight loss

Weight Loss with Water: Myths and Reality

Do you dream about losing some extra pounds? Nutritionists claim that you can easily lose weight with drinking water, you only need to follow the schedule and some recommendations.

How to lose weight with water: tips and tricks

1. Before a meal, drink a glass of water. So you eat less and get fewer calories;

2. The water you drink should be either warm or at room temperature;

3. Do at least one fasting day per week;

4. Before the fasting day, prepare the body – exclude fried and fatty, flour and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits;

5. Get out of the diet gradually. If you start eating regular foods right away, gain even more weight;

6. It can be harmful for your health to follow a water diet for more than 3 days.

To lose weight you need to drink (water)

To achieve your ideal weight, you need to follow a drinking schedule based on your weight, activity and lifestyle. On average, it is about 2 liters per day. And, of course, you need to drink only high-quality and safe drinking water.

Lemon water for a perfect shape

The main advantages of lemon water:

• has a pleasant refreshing taste and aroma;

• lemon – a source of vitamin C;

• tones up and starts metabolic processes in the body, if you drink a glass of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach;

• It is also recommended to drink before bedtime;

• helps to remove toxins from the body.

Water Diet: Pros and Cons

If you follow the water diet, while eliminating harmful foods from the diet and adding some physical activities, you will quickly notice positive results. Metabolic processes will be accelerated, weight is lost easily, and you will feel great.

On the other hand, there is other opinion. Opponents of such a diet claim that this is a myth. From whether you add lemon to the water or not, whether you drink 2 or even 3 liters of water per day does not depend on your weight loss. Only active workout and a strict diet in combination with the proper drinking regimen will help achieve the desired results.

If you aim to have a slim body, look fresh and young, we recommend that you reconsider your drinking regimen.

Many nutritionists will agree that you can lose weight just by drinking water correctly.

A few more principles of water diet

1. Exactly 2 hours after a meal, drink the same amount of water as before a meal;

2. On a water diet, you can eat all the usual dishes and even drink a little bit alcohol, provided that every 100 g of the drink will be compensated for 200 g of water;

3. Water should be without gas;

4. The amount of liquid drunk (not including juice, tea, soups) should be at least 2 liters per day. 5-6 liters of water (liquid) can already lead to disruption of the urinary system;

5. Drinking water while eating is undesirable;

6. For faster weight loss, replace one daily meal with water.

Why does the water diet work?

• The feeling of hunger is reduced due to the fact that water fills the stomach;

• Satiety during meals comes faster, which allows you not to overeat;

• Water speeds up metabolism and removes toxins;

• The habit of constantly drinking water will reduce the desire to drink high-calorie drinks.

Contraindications to the water diet:

•cardiovascular diseases;

• Diseases of the urinary system;

• Sudden changes in blood pressure.

This method may seem very simple. Just start to follow the drinking diet and you will see the first results soon!

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