How to Save Motivation for Weight Loss During Quarantine

During self-isolation, there is a lack of physical activity and sunlight in riches. In combination with the increase of the number of perups, this can cause weight get.

In order to avoid this and possibly even get slimmer during quarantine, the following simple steps should be followed:

  • Make a diet plan. You have to decide in advance which foods you can eat and which ones to avoid. Remember that it is better to eat at the same time.
  • Avoid fast carbs and fatty foods. Give preference to foods rich in fiber, they perfectly quench hunger and give a long sense of satiety.
  • Drink enough water. Maintaining the body’s water balance is extremely important, and thirst is often confused with hunger. Therefore, a glass of water can save you from consuming extra calories.
  • Do yoga. It helps to relax the mind and muscles as well as relieve stress. It is recommended to do yoga in the morning, you can find online lessons online.
  • Eat more protein. It is especially important that the breakfast is protein rich. This will allow you to feel full and improve your metabolism.
  • Set realistic goals. Set a workout goal, such as what weight you would like to achieve. The figure should be realistic. Write it down and touch it in a prominent place. you should see this figure every time you think about a bag of chips or a sandwich.
  • Keep a healthy sleep schedule. Remember that an adult needs 7-8 hours sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, and limit your caffeine intake and work with your smartphone or computer at bedtime.
  • Self-isolation is a great excuse to get rid of unhealthy habits and make new, healthier and more useful ones. Not only will it help you become leaner, it will also strengthen your immunity and make your body more resistant to infections.

Yoga at home

Sports at home are becoming more popular, yoga at home is no exception. What is most difficult is not knowing where to start yoga. A wide variety of asanas and practices are often confusing, but we will help you understand how to get started with yoga at home.

Home yoga practice leads to conscious and unconscious changes. They occur due to the special position of the body, the correct rhythm of breathing and many other components. All components of yogic practice lead to the improvement of the physical body, filling with the power of life, a deep understanding of yourself, and as a bonus, you lose weight during quarantine.

The initial stage of practice is to be in statics. Further, dynamics emerges from stillness, in the process of a gradual transition from one position to the next. The practice ends with calm and relaxation. At this stage, the energy received is evenly distributed throughout the body. It is important to monitor breathing: tension – inhalation, relaxation – exhalation. Yoga breathing is one of the most important aspects of practice. Try to master and hone the technique during classes, the effect will not keep you waiting long.

Class time

If you now have the question “where to start yoga at home”, then you need to decide on the time of classes.

  • in the evening – classes help relieve stress of the working day, relax as much as possible, fill up with energy for the rest of the day;
  • in the morning – the most productive activities. Help throughout the day to be as calm, but productive.

Yoga at home from scratch requires the correct distribution of time for classes. First you need to consider the workload of the day. If you have a busy schedule, it is best to set aside 3-4 days a week for classes. It makes no sense once a week to devote 2 -2.5 hours on a weekend. It is more effective to engage regularly, but less long. An ideal option would be to devote 1 hour a day to yoga for weight loss at home.

Place for home workout

How to start doing yoga at home? First of all, create comfortable conditions. To do this, select a quiet, comfortable place in the house where you can not be disturbed for the duration of the practice. The presence of sunlight will only improve the process. In summer, classes can be held outdoors – in the garden, or in the park.

The first thing you need to buy is a rug. He will make practices and asanas comfortable. If there is no rug, use a plaid. It will help you better tune in to the whole process. For beginners to figure out how to do yoga at home, this inventory will be enough.

After mastering the basic poses and asanas, it is time to purchase a belt and two blocks. They will help to smoothly stretch the ligaments and tendons, while the back remains always flat. Resourceful beginners can use a dressing gown belt instead of a belt.

The main advantage of yoga is the minimum amount of tools. Therefore, doing yoga at home requires minimal cost.

The main rules for doing yoga from scratch at home

  • No matter how strong the desire to achieve a quick result, try to practice at your own pace, without excessive effort;
  • Remember that in yoga there are no sudden movements. Everything is done smoothly, slowly and consciously;
  • The breath should be even, calm and only through the nose. Keep your breathing rhythm while performing asanas at home;
  • Give each movement, step and breath with your attention, conscious practice will lead you to success;
  • During yoga at home it will be better to practice in silence or under mantras;
  • Exercise daily, at least 10-15 minutes a day, and you will definitely notice how training will bring you pleasure and spiritual unloading.

Before starting classes, it is better to consult a doctor who will tell you exactly whether it is possible to start classes. Share in the comments if you had any experience doing yoga. I wish you success. Namaste!

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