What is the weight success of Rebel Wilson?

What is the weight success of Rebel Wilson?

Recently, Rebel Wilson gave an interview to «People» magazine, in which she said that she considers her overweight the main advantage of her appearance. Rebel said that the dimensions of her figure were once considered a big drawback. No one believed that a fat girl could get popularity and even fans. Only big girls can be the best comedians. Sometimes the actress thinks about losing weight but is not going to say bye to excess weight.

What workouts does Rebel Wilson choose?

The actress prefers interval training. We will tell you about the advantages of “classic interval training”, and as a bonus, you will learn more about Tabata.

Just a few years ago, almost no one knew about such a thing as interval training. They were used only by professional athletes before the competition. Now interval training for burning fat is also popular among fitness enthusiasts. They help to lose weight in a short time, strengthen muscles, and make the body embossed. The main advantage of such training is their short duration. To keep yourself in shape, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym for hours – it is enough to devote training to only 20-30 minutes three times a week. Thus, you will achieve similar results but spend much less time.

Interval training is a type of training in which the exercises are alternated at an intensive pace with a short rest or low-intensity load. This method is considered very effective for burning fat because it helps to double the amino acid content of L-carnitine, which is responsible for the transport of fat cells in the mitochondria. A large amount of these substances contributes to the burning of fats as fuel for the body, and they are burned both during training and after it.

Another indisputable advantage of interval training is their non-attachment to the venue. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a fitness club, interval training at home will be a worthy alternative. You can customize the program for yourself, change and alternate exercises, use various weighting materials and other devices.

Interval workouts for weight loss have the following advantages over simple long-term cardio workouts:

• After interval training, metabolism increases several times in comparison with workouts of constant intensity. Thus, you will spend more calories for at least a day after class.

• In addition to metabolism, interval training helps speed up all metabolic processes. Lipids in the muscles oxidize faster, respectively, the process of fat burning increases even more.

• High-intensity training helps reduce enzymes that store fat. This has been proven by studies in Norway.

• Such training increases overall stamina and helps improve athletic performance.

• You can save a lot of time because interval training lasts less than simple cardio.


Tabata is a great interval training for burning fat at home. This unique system was developed in 1996 by the Japanese doctor Tabata. It allows you to combine anaerobic exercise. Thanks to this double action, you can simultaneously burn fat and build a sculpted body.

The principle of training is that it is necessary to perform an exercise on one muscle group (abs, legs, buttocks) at a very fast pace for four minutes. This happens this way: within 20 seconds you work for 10 seconds, then rest, and you do it for four minutes – you will have eight mini-approaches. And in 20 seconds it is recommended to perform the maximum possible number of repetitions – at least 20. Thanks to these exercises, you can burn fat in the shortest possible time, strengthen the cardiovascular system and find beautiful relief muscles.

How did Rebel Wilson manage to lose weight so fast?

The star of the movie “Cats” Rebel Wilson said that she lost almost eight pounds in just four days of shooting. The stage was very hot, and there was no chance.

“I lost weight in four days of filming. It is because of physical activity, but it is also very hot on the site, here it was about 38 degrees. This was specifically so that the muscles of the dancers do not cool down. There were the best dancers in the world, and it is impossible for them to suddenly be injured since the muscles are poorly warmed up. The stage with decorations was turned into a sauna so that we would not cool down, but it was hard,” said the actress.

Also, the actress admitted that she suffers from hormonal imbalance, which is why she is gaining weight pretty quickly, but also quickly takes off. Rebel weighed more than 200 pounds when she was in the films “Perfect Voice”, “Actively Searching”, “Inveterate Scammers” and others. Rebel’s trainer, Australian Jono Castano Acero, showed photos and videos from their training session and said that they were training 7 times a week!

The actress is not going to stop on this. In her first Instagram post in 2020, Rebel said that in the new year she plans to focus on her health, doing sports and eating right.

Are you ready to bear her company?

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  1. I can’t lose weight fast because im 196 pounds but his hard including the legs and im only 18 years old.

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