Almost Diet: Volumetrics Diet fastest way to lose 5 lbs

Almost Diet: Volumetrics Diet fastest way to lose 5 lbs

Do you need to quickly lose weight? Are you sure? Indeed, it most often happens that if we quickly lose excess pounds, then we can acquire them just as quickly as a boomerang. Nevertheless, realizing all the disadvantages of this method of weight loss, I had to find the fastest way to lose 5 lbs. I will not say that it was easy, but I began to lose weight quickly, effectively and without returning the lost pounds. More than 10 years ago, nutrition professor Barbara Rolls has successfully proven that you can eat anything and not gain extra pounds. She even wrote a book that helped not only me. And millions of other American women. If you follow the diet correctly, you can even get better! Volumetric diet positions itself more as an approach to nutrition, rather than as a complete diet. The nutritionist claims that a feeling of fullness does not come from the number of calories eaten, but from the amount of food, that is, the more you eat, the fuller you feel. There are 300 calories in a bar of chocolate, almost the same amount in a serving of Greek salad. After the salad, you will feel full longer than after a bar of chocolate.

In the Volumetric Diet, products are divided into 4 groups

1. Food that is always available to you (vegetables without starch, fruits, soups).

2. Foods that are allowed in large quantities (starchy fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meat, fish and other seafood, dairy products, low in cheese)

3. Food that you can afford in small quantities: bread, cheese, and meat.

4. Food that you should refuse if you want to see a good result in front of a mirror: fried, sweet, nuts and fats.

If possible, the nutritionist suggests replacing products from group 3 or 4 with food from category 1 or 2. Eating on the principle of the Barbara Rolls pyramid, you can not only lose weight but also improve your health and skin. The emphasis is on vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Minimal heat treatment (to save water and, accordingly, volume) also contributes to the process of losing weight. Moreover, the success is completely up to you: the more precisely you follow the diet and adjust your eating habits, the faster you will see the result.

The main principle of this diet is that you need to replace those foods that have a relatively small volume, but a large number of calories, with those that contain fewer calories per unit volume: due to this, you can reduce calories consumed and lose weight effectively.

The principle is based on the fact that our sense of fullness is two-phase. The first phase is formed when food enters the stomach: there are receptors that analyze how much food has arrived. At the same time, at the first stage, the body does not understand what nutritional value is in this food – this analysis occurs much later, about 40 minutes after the start of a meal.

If we replace high-density food with a bulk portion of low-calorie food, then at the first stage, the body does not care what it received, the fact of the food itself is enough for it.

For this reason, nutritionists actively recommend eating a vegetable salad before the main meal. After the food goes to the following sections of the gastrointestinal tract and is analyzed and disassembled into its components, the body will understand how much protein or sugar has come, in the second stage, there will be a complete analysis related to a certain hormonal reaction, in particular, the release of insulin.

A little about personal experience

It will not work for a long time to eat vegetables and fruits: the body will quickly realize that it does not receive nutrients, and the feeling of hunger will worsen, there will be a chance of a breakdown. Therefore, we must not forget about the products of the second and third groups. A plus of this diet is the fact that the author recommends increasing the volumes: if you don’t have enough, they took another portion of a light dish.

For me, it was the fastest way to lose 5 pounds without the boomerang effect

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