How to lose 10 pounds quickly: The Nordic Diet

How to lose 10 pounds quickly: The Nordic Diet

Have you ever noticed that residents of Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are most often slender? Despite the cold weather, they do not collect extra pounds and do not lead a lazy lifestyle that could provoke excess weight. How to lose 10 pounds quickly?

People who tried to analyze and notice it came up with a diet that they called the Nordic. It has many points of contact with the Mediterranean diet. A person who decided to adhere to this type of diet should focus on vegetables, fruits, grains, and seafood (yes, fatty salmon would be preferable to dietary chicken). The only difference between the Nordic and Mediterranean diets is that rapeseed oil predominates in the first and olive in the second. The thing is that in the Scandinavians rapeseed oil is more common, that’s all.

The three main characteristics of the foods you eat on this diet are seasonality, locality and environmental friendliness.

The Nordic diet has its limitations, but fortunately, it is small, so you can not prepare that you have to abandon your favorite product, the probability that this product will be on the list of banned is very small! Namely, the obvious killers of a beautiful figure: sugar, cookies, canned goods, convenience foods. It would be possible to add meat to this list, but it is recommended only to eat less, without a complete rejection.

Nutritionist Catherine Kissan is confident that the Nordic diet, by analogy with the Mediterranean, is one of the best solutions for people who want to eat properly and balanced, a dream of beautiful forms and good health:

Some studies show that the Nordic diet has certain health benefits, for example, it reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease. It is based on fish (high in omega-3 fatty acids), whole grain cereals, fruits (especially berries) and vegetables. This diet also focuses on the seasonal foods that the northern regions are rich in.

It is worth noting that the Nordic diet is based on a diet pyramid developed by the Finnish Heart Association, the Finnish Diabetes Association and the University of Eastern Finland. It includes berries and fruits, oily fish (herring, mackerel, salmon, halibut), legumes, vegetables (including cruciferous and root crops) and whole grains (barley, oats, rye). With such a diet, it will not be difficult for you to quickly lose 10 pounds.

“There are a few things that I especially like about the Nordic diet,” says nutritionist Lauri Wright. – Firstly, she suggests betting on herbal products, reducing meat consumption. Secondly, it is based on the principles of sustainability, the use of fresh local products, which is useful not only for the person who follows it but also for the environment. ”

Nutrition New Nordic Diet

By itself, this method of losing weight is not new, but realizing that people use it more often, nutritionists have come up with a new, updated version that suits more people. Below is an example of my ideal Nordic diet day.

• Breakfast – dried fruits, whole grains, berries, fermented foods such as a traditional Icelandic dairy product or kefir;

• Lunch – rye bread, salads, pickles, herring, eggs, and vegetables (in the autumn – root crops and mushrooms, in the spring – asparagus, young peas, rhubarb);

• Dinner – fish or a small amount of meat (usually wild animals), vegetables.

First of all, it should be remembered: the Nordic diet is the exact opposite of the “western” one.

“Western Diet” is a term coined by the American dentist Weston Price in the late 1930s. While searching for the main cause of tooth decay, he revealed an amazing pattern. People who ate traditionally (habitual) products grown and cooked for their area with their own hands were much less susceptible to diseases of the teeth and gums, but also to the lungs, heart and blood vessels, the endocrine system … What can be said about the followers of the “Western diet “, which is characterized by the use of canned food, processed products, a large amount of meat, eggs, sugar, salt, and fats …

The Nordic diet contains twice as much fiber as the western one, it has a minimum of fat and sugar, emphasis on fish and seafood. By the way, according to scientists, it is the abundance of seafood that distinguishes the Nordic diet that may be one of the reasons why it is effective in combating overweight

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