I chose Fasting Weight Loss Result

I chose Fasting Weight Loss Result

A wonderful day nevertheless comes when you decide to change something. For me, he also arrived and I started choosing a diet. Many methods had to be abandoned because of my unwillingness to starve or exclude any products. I love to eat, so not eating meat or potatoes became a problem for me. As you understand from the headline, I settled on fasting, or in other words, interval fasting. I’ll say right away that it’s hard to follow this diet only for the first time, then your body gets used to a systematic meal according to an established schedule. Fasting can be completely different, at the initial stage you may have a small interval window, but as you get used to this lifestyle, you can change this interval of your own free will.

The main advantage for me was that I did not need to refuse any food. Any food is acceptable, but only at certain hours. The effectiveness of the diet has been proven by many nutritionists, as well as women and men who decided to try it for themselves. I am in their ranks, so I will talk more about this diet mainly from personal experience.

At the first stage, I chose a suitable interval for myself, it turned out to be the most popular option 16/8 of which you can eat 8 hours, but 16 hours should go hungry. While you do not eat your body burns fat reserves. To get into this window I had only to refuse breakfast or dinner and it was not difficult to do it. But for lunch, I could afford what other women on a diet can’t afford: pastries, desserts or fried foods. Of course, I did not overdo it, but I didn’t really want to eat a wagon of food.

My body has become less sensitive to high glycemic index carbohydrates by optimizing insulin secretion. It sounds really difficult, but before starting the diet, I completely studied all the information about this method. A great advantage was the information that when the body is in the “starvation” phase, my stomach is resting, which improves immunity and hormonal levels.

In the second stage, I went to the gym. Diet implies and recommends combining the diet with physical activity, as on an empty stomach, due to the more efficient burning of fat, you can build up muscle mass. But without preparation, playing fast on an empty stomach will be difficult. If you have obesity or diabetes, consult your doctor first.

It is better to refuse one thing: either dinner or breakfast. I preferred not to have breakfast, although I know all the benefits of the first meal a day.

You are probably interested in learning about the results of my experiment on a figure. Well, the first week was a trial to see if I could stick to this diet for a long time. My interval window, again, was 8 hours. I managed to lose 3.5 pounds a week. From the second week, I added to my diet light physical exercises that I did at home: squats in the morning, jumping rope, a plank. The plank for me is a panacea, the exercise strengthens the whole body, and I felt it literally in one week, I started with 40 seconds, but on the third day it was easy for me to do this, so I increased the duration and at the end of the second week, I lost another 5 pounds.

In the mirror, I already saw small, but still results, as well my clothes became a little looser on me, or it seemed to me because I wanted to believe in it.

In the third week, I already occupied the gym and even did small physical activities with extra weight and weighting on my legs. But the result was the same as in the second week – minus 5 pounds.

Whatever the case, the further I follow this diet, the easier it is for me to control myself in meals and exercise. If you have no contraindications or health problems, this is a quick way to lose extra pounds and not deny yourself a variety of dishes.

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