How to count calories to lose weight

One of the most effective and safest ways to lose weight is counting calories. In this article, we are going to answer the question: Why is calorie counting effective for weight loss?

Many do not practice this technique because of its complexity, but the method of limitation of the calorie content of your diet will balance your diet and improve your shape. After you learn to count calories and control your diet get a perfect shape, and also change your eating habits gradually. Calorie counting does not impose restrictions on any specific foods, but if you start counting the calories of the foods you eat, then one day you will realize that it’s better to eat a plate of salad with meat than a small cookie. Yes, it will be about the same in calories, but the nutritional value of these dishes is completely different.

The principle of losing weight is very simple: you need to eat less than the body manages to process, so that it begins to use fat reserves for energy. Perhaps you will think that the next option is possible: you are following a strict diet for a week, lose weight, and then again return to your previous habits. However, this principle works on a short-term effect, all lost pounds return very quickly. The most optimal way to lose weight is by counting calories. Why?


1. The method of counting calories involves a reasonable approach to a healthy diet without stress for the body and serious restrictions. You do not harm your body by practicing proper diet;

2. With a calorie count, you will have a complete nutritious diet, so this method of losing weight does not harm the body, unlike various mono-diets and fasting;

3. You do not exclude your favorite products from the menu, the main thing is to fit within the calorie allowability. You will always have the opportunity to eat your favorite meal by reviewing the daily menu;

4. Calorie counting is the first step towards a healthy, balanced diet. You will learn to follow the diet and think carefully about the choice of products;

5. By counting calories, you will consume a sufficient amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which means that your weight loss will be carried out healthily and harmlessly. Why is it important? For example, from a lack of fats, may begin problems with the hormonal system, from a lack of carbohydrates – a loss of energy and an eating breakdown. Moreover, an excess of protein, which is so often promoted in various diets, very often causes kidney problems;

6. Calorie counting is the only option for a healthy diet if you take exercises and want to maintain your muscle mass. Rigid low-calorie diets and mono-diets primarily hit muscle tissue, not fat: in severe restrictions, it is easier for the body to harm muscles because they require more energy;

7. Such a process of losing weight as counting calories is more steady and stable – without sharp breaks and transitions from one lifestyle to the others;

8. As a rule, after 2-3 months of the regular calorie counting, you will get several options for yourself and you will know about what and how much you can eat per day to stay in your calorie allowability;

9. Calorie counting is a very variable and convenient method of losing weight. If after a breakdown from the diet you have to give up everything or start from the beginning, then with the calculation of calories it is not difficult to regulate unexpected “cheat meals”. Just reduce the daily calorie intake for the next 2-3 days slightly or spend an energy-intensive workout;

10. With a calorie count, it is very easy to switch to a routine of maintaining weight after the weight loss process. You just need to add + 10-20% to your current calorie content (depending on the deficit you choose).

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