Leah Williams weight loss story

During the doctor consultation, Leah Williams stepped on the scales. The weight that she saw, she had never seen before. “I never weighed so much as in that period of my life. I was never a thin person, but this weight struck me. I realized that my reflection in the mirror is not the person I want to be. First, I changed my diet: I started to control what I eat and how I eat.”


TV presenter focused on a healthy diet. Leah Williams weighed food and counted calories. The task of counting calories may seem boring and difficult, but after several repetitions, weighing foods will become a habit. We recommend you to buy electronic scales – they show the weight much more accurately.

For convenience, control the food consumed, use the calorie table. Each body has its daily calorie intake, which depends on the physique, lifestyle, activity, health, etc.

Any healthy person needs 1,200 kcal per day to maintain the body’s vital functions. But if we add physical and mental stress to it, then women need 2,000–2,500 kcal per day on average.

How to enjoy doing sports?

Leah Williams said that she used to train a lot. Nevertheless, she admitted that the gym was not her favorite place to go. She did not like the heavy loads, so after a while, she stopped to follow the training schedule.

In this case, maybe the technique of losing weight was incorrectly selected. A great influence is exerted by a psychological attitude: by aiming for starvation and torment in advance, you are unlikely to achieve good results.

How to start losing weight and to finish it correctly? Remember simple tips: Stop blaming yourself for gaining excess weight. You are not able to regain that time, but you can continue.

Remember what caused weight gain in your case: stress, lack of an active lifestyle, or abuse of junk food? Analyze the situation and promise that you will not do this anymore. You should start to lose weight in a good mood. If you are concerned about problems at home or work, it is better to let the matter rest. Calm people lose weight easier. 

Do not wait for fast results

Losing weight is a long process. The fewer pounds are to lose, the slower they will be lost. The skin will also suffer – it will sag, and stretch marks will appear. Try to add some positive emotions – and everything will be good!

To sum up

An example of Leah Williams proves that to deal successfully with excess weight, you need to work hard. First, review the diet. Diet is 80% of success. Start eating good food. Refuse sweet, starchy, and fatty food. It is good to take exercise during the proper diet. It is not necessary to go to the gym. Choose activities you like: go to the pool, ride a bike, run with a dog, play tennis. 

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