Ayesha Curry weight loss

Ayesha Curry is the famous wife of a basketball player Stiff Curry and has always been in great shape. A month ago on Instagram, she demonstrated new achievements in her weight loss process. In the video, she dances and it is very noticeable that her figure has changed. Sometimes in her account, she posts photos of the family and their activities.

Like Stiff, Ayesha loves to play golf. What are the benefits of this sport?



Subject to elementary rules (to heed the warnings of other players about an impending hit and leave the ball in time), the probability of injury in golf, unlike most types of fitness, equal to zero. Moreover, even the likelihood of physical overload is minimized: if you are tired of moving around the field on your feet, you can always get in the golf cart.

Psychological comfort

A game of golf at the psychological level is perceived as a pleasant pastime, and not as a tedious exercise. In other words, you won’t have to persuade or force yourself, as when going to the gym, pool or stadium.

Communication opportunity

The vast majority of sports loads require a full focus on the practicing of certain movements. Naturally, under such conditions, there is no more talk about conversations and other interactions. Golf also involves a certain degree of concentration, but it is also inextricably linked to communication. Unlike monotonous occupations in the gym, playing in a pleasant company will never get bored!

 Lack of contraindications

The presence of health problems can deprive a person of a chance to engage in many types of fitness or sport since almost all of them have a large list of restrictions. For example, aerobics is contraindicated for those who are diagnosed with diseases of the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, osteochondrosis, asthma, varicose veins. Golf has no contraindications – on the contrary, this game is perfect for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and level of physical fitness. At the same time, scientists at the one of the Sweden Institute calculated that one game in the classic 18-hole field in energy costs is 70% of aerobics classes at maximum intensity.


8 kilometers – this is the distance a player walks during a game on a classic 18-hole course. Do not forget that walking is the optimal type of cardio load, which maintains muscle tone, trains the lungs and heart, positively affects the condition of bones and joints, improves blood circulation, improves body tone, strengthens the immune system and, finally, promotes a good mood and a positive perception of life.

4-5 hours is more than enough to saturate the body with oxygen, improve brain function, normalize sleep and reduce the risk of heart attack by 22%. Harvard scientists have proven that 3-4 hours is enough for this, especially if you are constantly on the move.

2000 kcal spends a person with a weight of 150 pounds per golf course. According to doctors, this is the ideal number of calories per week that is necessary to spend on physical exercises for health and longevity. To lose 2 pounds, you need to get an energy deficit of 7000 kcal!

Playing golf is enough economical

Many people around the world believe that playing golf is very expensive and that it is a game for millionaires. Such an opinion is not at all justified. To start playing golf, you will naturally need certain financial injections, but the cost of money is required for any kind of sports.

Buying clubs, paying for lessons, making club fees – many forget that once purchased clubs can last about 20-30 years, moreover, from the beginning, it is not necessary to buy the whole set.

You can play when you want

No matter how you describe the game of golf, but nothing can convey all the emotions that a golfer experiences while stepping on the field and striking the ball. To engage in a game of golf you will not need to choose any special time, this game can be played when it is needed and when it is light outside. Having tried to play golf for the first time, some fall in love with this sport immediately, and some need time to understand this game. Golfing has wonderful views, fresh air, an excellent society of decent people and much more.

Effective workout

Golf brings huge benefits for the development of muscles throughout the body, which is very useful. Doctors have recognized that the greatest benefit is from those sports games that do not require strong physical exertion, but fatigue appears gradually. For daily good preparation of a person in physical terms, walking is just perfect, and while playing golf, you have to walk enough.

We are 100 percent sure that this sport can be new for you. It is very popular in Western Europe. If you had the opportunity to play golf, then you are a real lucky one! Share your thoughts in the comments below this article.


What do Curries choose for lunch?

The sports diet of a famous basketball player consists of carbohydrates, healthy fats and other vitamins that are necessary for an athlete. Ayesha Curry follows the same diet.

On her Instagram, Ayesha shares her favorite recipes with us.

So, we can find out that they prefer pasta with cheese, but at the same time, they eat a lot of vegetables. They have very few sugar contained foods in their diet.

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