Harley Pasternak’s Effective Diet

Among the many stars who train with Harley Pasternak is Alicia Keys. In addition to this, his diet program is chosen by such stars as Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kanye West, Bono, and Katy Perry. Special for celebrity, he developed a diet and it is already in the ranking of the best diets in the world in 2019 and takes the 40th place. The rating is compiled annually by the US publication US NEWS, and the low place is due to doubts about the ability to observe it for a long time.

This low-calorie diet is based on 3 meals of shakes. Each shake should have different combinations of products. You can adhere to this diet for no more than two weeks, in no case turning it into a basic diet.

Diet principles

The program consists of 3 stages, each lasting approximately 5 days. In addition to shakes, you can only eat vegetarian dishes and dairy products.

First stage

White shakes in the morning – with milk and/or yogurt (as a source of high-quality protein);

Red shake for lunch – with different fruits (fills the body with energy).;

Green shake in the evening – with vegetables (gives a feeling of satiety at bedtime).

 At this stage, all meals are based on the use of shakes. You can include 2 intermediate meals of 150-200 calories which can consist of fruits and vegetables.

 Second stage

The daily menu includes 2 shakes per day. Replace the third shake with a light snack: salad, sandwich or quickly fried vegetables.

 Third stage

We drink a shake only once a day instead of a meal, and for two additional meals, we use salad, a sandwich or cooked vegetables (boiled, baked in the oven, quickly fried).

By the way, recipes for shakes can be found in the book “The Body Reset Diet”.

During the diet, it is recommended to attend 3 strength training per week, so that weight is reduced correctly – while maintaining muscle mass and subsequent weight loss of the body. Besides, there is a clear prescription to go through 10,000 steps per day.


This is a relatively new diet, and there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness and health benefits of this program.


  •   Short-term weight loss program in 15 days;
  •   The promise of rapid weight loss;
  •   Emphasis on vegetables and fruits as part of integrated nutrition;
  •   Emphasis on self-cooking shakes / fresh dishes and refusal of industrial food;
  •   Suitable for vegetarians.

 Focus on physical education as part of a healthy lifestyle and preserving muscle mass (so that weight is not reduced at the expense of muscles).


  • A low-calorie diet that not everyone likes;
  • The taste of shakes can quickly become;
  • Weight loss can be temporary: at the end of the diet, you can gain weight again, because there is no change in eating habits and getting used to a healthy lifestyle;
  • Will be very difficult to follow for those who love meat and fish;
  • Much attention is paid to meal planning and home cooking, which is not very comfortable for people who spend a lot of time outside the home.

Can a diet be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle?

No. The diet focuses on changing eating habits for a short to reduce weight and does not teach a healthy lifestyle that one could adhere to constantly.

How to combine with fitness exercises?

Professional trainers advise following some simple but effective rules while practicing exercises. Two of them can even be combined into one, reducing the number of approaches to four.

The correct position of the hands in the plank position

Very often, when doing the plank position, women make two common mistakes:

• the first option – clench your hands into fists;

• the second – they bring their palms together, as during prayer.

This is very badly reflected in posture since in this case a person either humps or balances on his forearms.

How to do it right? Relying on the forearms and toes of the legs, the body should be elongated in one line, and palms pressed to the floor.

Add weight while doing abdominal exercises

Trainer Gunnar Peterson (he worked on Penelope Cruz’s hips, Pete Sampras shoulders, and Jennifer Lopez calls him the best trainer) recommends working consistently, in different movement planes and with weight, during the abs exercises.

“Step forward – and two back”

For each forward movement, Todd Durkin, the famous trainer, and creator of Fitness Quest 10, advises making two backward movements. That is, during the exercise, after each one forward movement, you need to make two of the same backward movements. This, among other things, also prevents muscle imbalances.

10 thousand steps a day

Coach Harley Pasternak, in addition to training, recommends taking 10,000 steps daily. This helps to keep muscles in good shape in their free time from training.

5 km or 30 minutes a day

The advice of Pilates trainer Keith Rich (personal trainer of the American movie star Jennifer Lawrence) echoes the previous one: to lose weight and avoid the yo-yo effect, he recommends adhering to the 5 km or 30 minutes per day rule daily. That is, every day you need to walk or run 5 kilometers, or to conduct 30-minute training. A little trick: following this rule is easier if you alternate running and walking with 30-minute workouts.

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