Aerobics exercise for weight loss

Aerobics exercise for weight loss

Aerobics – gymnastics, which means dynamic exercises to energetic music. This type of fitness is so diverse that it is not necessary to attend gyms – you can practice aerobics exercises at home. The main thing is to set a goal and do exercises regularly.

The benefits of doing aerobics at home

There are many benefits of aerobic exercise that affect your health and overall well-being:

  • Energy exercises lead to an active rhythm of life;
  • The benefits of aerobics also include reducing stress and improving mental health due to increased production of endorphins in the brain. The study showed that people who did aerobics several times a week for 30-40 minutes showed lower survey results for depression by 47% after twelve weeks;
  • Continuous training of the heart and lungs, which ultimately leads to their stable functioning;
  • Decreased blood pressure, heart rate, and, consequently, the risk of developing a stroke or heart attack.

Is it better to train in the morning or in the evening?

The best time to exercise depends on the person, as well as other factors, including lifestyle, work, family and your biological clock. Each exercise regime has its advantages and disadvantages. Remember that you need to be engaged when you get satisfaction from this.


If you are an early bird, it is best to start your classes in the morning. You can give more energy to the sport, and thanks to this you will feel the freshness. The body will produce endorphins (the hormone of happiness), and training will start the metabolism, you will be a good mood all day.

It also makes it less likely that during the day you forget about the workout or skip it. One of the best things in the morning aerobics is the feeling that you have already done at least one planned thing and can spend the rest of the day doing even more pleasant things. However, morning training also has its drawbacks.

Classes in the early morning, whether on an empty stomach or after a light breakfast, can make you feel tired. The body has a lower temperature in the morning, so make sure you warm-up and stretch well before starting to reduce the risk of injury during exercise.


You really can enjoy evening physical education, because this is probably the final duty of the day. Evening aerobics classes at home are relaxing. You can play sports without worrying about what awaits you in an hour at work or school. If you visit the gym, then usually in the evening fewer people go to the gym, which makes it possible to calmly engage in physical exercises.

The disadvantage of the evening exercise is that after a long hard day you may not be able to complete the exercise 100%. Since your body will be agitated after physical activity, you may have trouble sleeping, especially if you exercise late at night. And if your main goal is to lose weight, evening cardio training is not as effective as morning cardio.

Why aerobics is a great solution for weight loss?

Aerobics is important for overweight people: a calorie deficit means that you lose more than you gain, due to which fat is burned. It is highly advisable to observe proper diet: eat more vegetables, fruits, cereals and limit sweet, flour, fried – then the benefits of aerobics will be more noticeable. Half an hour of running can burn about 300 calories. Lose weight, burn calories, get a flat stomach – these are some of the factors that come to mind when we want to exercise and stay healthy and beautiful. Nowadays, aerobics has come to the fore as the best set of exercises that allow you to lose weight and keep your body toned and slim.

How intense exercise should be to burn calories and lose weight?

To improve overall health and fitness, it is recommended that you do moderate-intensity aerobic exercises. However, if you have not been involved in sports for a long time, it is best to start with short sessions. Later it will be possible to switch to medium-intensity exercises, which are equal, on average, to 30 minutes.

How to do aerobics correctly?

You can do aerobics at home. You do not have to go to the gym for this. The main thing is to do aerobics exercises regularly, monitor diet. For this purpose, it will be great to have a notebook or to make notes on a large sheet in a conspicuous place where you need to mark all your workouts and achievements.

Here are a few simple exercises to get you started:

Circular training 

The combination of aerobic training (jumping, swinging, squats) with strength elements (dumbbells, barbells, etc.). The workout is characterized by high intensity, exercises are performed alternately for all muscle groups in several approaches with minimal time for rest between exercises.

Stair training

If you live in your home or have the opportunity to use the public staircase – do it! Step up and down the stairs for 15-20 minutes. Later it will be possible to increase this time to 30 minutes. This is a great warm-up exercise. 

Intensive aerobic training 

It is aimed at shoulders, buttocks, calves. Over 45 intense workouts, you can burn up to 450 calories.


A complex of aerobic exercises that burns 860 calories in 1 hour. This is also a great cardio workout. Kickboxing helps you to lose weight on your waist and hips.

Power yoga 

Strengthens the abdominal muscles, helps to reduce weight. An additional bonus is meditation techniques, which are known to relieve stress.


If you want to lose fat on your stomach and other parts of the body, add squats to your daily workout routine. Squats are a whole body workout.

Hula Hup


A difficult exercise, however effective. Includes elements: squat-push-up-jump. Such an aerobics exercise at home for beginners will certainly bring effect – you will feel your muscles!

Running on the spot

This is another popular aerobic exercise that increases heart rate and improves metabolism. Run-on the spot and burn calories.


This is an aerobic whole-body exercise. It is great for losing weight and shaping fighting skills.


Whether it’s Zumba or belly dancing, the effect is always positive with regular training.

Types of Aerobics

A huge number of types of aerobics are practiced, such as fitness, water aerobics, step aerobics, swimming, kickboxing, fitness walking, ice skating, cycling, which we have listed above. But there are also separate types of aerobics:

Water aerobics

Water aerobic exercise in the home pool is a pleasant way to exercise in the hot summer. Maybe someone thinks that this kind of fitness is limited to fun splashing in the pool. But this is not so. There are a large number of exercises and accessories that give a significant load on the muscles. Health experts say water aerobics is good for people suffering from joint problems.

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