How the reality star Honey Boo Boo looks like now and her Mama June, who has lost 300 pounds

It seems that no one loves mom June, who is raising four children from three relationships, as well as two granddaughters and who recently weighed more than 440 pounds – however, in the United States, she is known just like the luxurious Kardashian sisters. The Americans began to watch the life of June and her daughter Alana, nicknamed Honey Boo Boo, in 2012, when the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras (“Crowned Babies”) was broadcast on the TLC channel about children’s beauty contests, and the overly painted chubby Alana, along with her eccentric mother, was so liked by the producers that they were given their own reality show.

Before Mama June 2020 weight loss

Mom June and her family belong to the stratum of the population, which is called “white trash”: they eat semi-finished products, give birth early (the eldest of their daughters, Mom June gave birth at 15), fight, and live in vans. In the end, June was taken away from her TV show due to the fact that her own daughter was the victim of her lover. However, the year before last, the TV producers of the WEtv channel gave the woman a second chance.

June was very worried, but could not lose weight. As a result, Mike left her and went to another, slimmer girl. At that moment, the woman felt humiliated and insulted and decided at all costs to take revenge on the ex-spouse. Most of all, she wanted to come to his wedding in a new image of a slimmer blonde, so that he regretted his decision.

June Shannon is now the main character of the show From Not To Hot, and her appearance has undergone colossal changes. June understood that it was pointless to start losing weight on her own. She was so heavy that she already needed the help of qualified specialists.

Medical experts, looking at June, immediately delivered their verdict. The situation is so neglected that it will no longer be possible to lose weight with the help of regular workouts in the gym. The only way out is to perform an operation to reduce the volume of the stomach (bypass). June agreed and went under the surgeon’s knife.

Mama June weight loss

June lost 200 pounds and underwent many expensive operations under the sight of video cameras: she underwent a reduction of the stomach, tightened up and pumped out everything that was possible, without forgetting to correct the diet. True, after numerous procedures, the woman began to have vision problems.

After the operation, the woman reduced her diet, gave up fast food, fatty high-calorie foods, and sugary carbonated drinks. Gradually, the kilograms began to melt before our eyes. It was possible to move on to the next stage: sports. The woman began to visit the gym and exercise under the supervision of experienced fitness trainers. Nutritionists helped her with her diet.

After stomach surgery, June had to go through three stages of nutritional recovery.

The first period – Liquids and pureed food

At the beginning of the first period, that is, immediately after the operation, it is allowed to consume liquids: water, flavored non-carbonated water, tea without sugar, juices diluted with water, drinks containing protein. You should drink a very small amount of liquid at a time (no more than 30 ml at a time). You must wait 5-10 minutes before drinking the next portion of liquid. Eating small amounts is necessary to avoid stretching the new small stomach and rupture of the suture. Drinking fluids will become easier over time.

When June was able to tolerate fluids, she began to eat pureed food.

Puréed foods are foods cooked until soft and mashed to a puree, similar to baby purees like fruit and vegetable purees. The main focus is on proteins – chicken and fish fillets, green beans, eggs, homemade cottage cheese – all products should be pureed. If necessary, you can additionally take protein powder or protein drinks. You should eat no more than 3 tablespoons of food at a time.

Second period – Soft food

When 2 weeks had passed since the operation and June was able to tolerate puréed food, she was allowed to eat soft food. Soft food should be tender and easy to chew. Food is soft enough that you can grind it on a plate with a fork. You no longer need to grind food to a puree state, but you cannot swallow large pieces! Avoid foods that are difficult to chew. Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly; one meal should last 20 to 30 minutes. You need to eat 3-5 times a day, about 60 ml at a time.

Third Period – Common Food

When at least a month had passed since the operation and June’s mother was digesting soft food well, she was able to return to her usual menu. Rather, for her it was a completely new menu because earlier their family ate exclusively fast food. More and more solid yet easily chewable foods have appeared on her menu. Food is high in protein, adequate in carbohydrates, and very moderate in fat. June was forced to give up sweets, sugary drinks and alcohol. She needs to consume enough protein. Since the amount of food is small, it is important, first of all, to get enough protein from food, and only then other nutrients.

After surgery to reduce the stomach, it is imperative to take vitamins and minerals in addition to the main diet.

In recent photos, Shannon is simply unrecognizable. On the woman’s hand, you can see a scar – most likely, she removed excess skin, which gave June even more self-confidence.

Now she can pose in swimsuits and wear regular store-size dresses, which, alas, cannot be said about Honey Boo Boo. 12-year-old Alana now weighs more than her mother and is not going to lose weight, like her sisters.

A whole team of specialists worked on the transformation of a mother with many children. The results were amazing: June managed to lose 300 pounds in a year! Imagine this is more than half of the original weight.

To create a real sensation, experienced stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers helped to create June’s image. Now in this slender blonde, it is difficult to recognize that plump woman who could barely move independently.

Surely now ex-lover June is biting his elbows.

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