Kelly Osbourne revealed how much weight she lost

Earlier this year, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly, said she would make self-care a priority. And she kept her words. The other day, the 35-year-old star shared a picture in the car, which impressed her fans very much. They noted that she looks noticeably thinner, and Kelly confirmed that she actually lost a lot of weight.

“Yes, I have lost 39 kilograms since the last time we saw each other. Can you believe it?” – answered Osborne to the mother of her co-host of the show The Real Jenny Mae.

Kelly has not yet revealed the secret of her weight loss, although fans are actively asking her for the coveted “recipe”.

Earlier this year, she wrote that 2019 was a very difficult year for her.

“I have come to realize that I constantly put the needs of others ahead of my own, so 2020 will be my year! It’s time to put yourself first, stop taking on other people’s worries and be the cool sober woman I was born to be.” – she noted.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss “recipe”

It’s hard to imagine a pop-punk singer in the gym with a healthy smoothie in hand instead of an alcoholic cocktail in some VIP nightclub. However, this is the way of life Kelly now leads.

Sharp remarks about the appearance and, in general, all kinds of stresses accompanying the nomadic career of a musician pushed the girl to take narcotic painkillers. According to Osborne, she took them three times a day.

Realizing her problem in time, Kelly successfully underwent rehabilitation at the clinic but found not the best substitute for drugs. The singer seized all her problems, and with a very high-calorie meal. And the fast-food consumed by the tons did not contribute in any way to a slender figure, like the models.

Desperate Osborne gladly accepted the invitation to the next season of the Dancing with the Stars project, hoping that constant physical activity will help cope with excess weight.

But here, too, Kelly was disappointed. She not only did not lose weight but generally barely had time to catch her breath between exhausting workouts. The solution came from a partner who advised Osborne to get off carbohydrates and switch to protein foods, which are much better at conserving energy. And the ice broke…

But the happiness did not last long. During the project, Kelly lost 10 kg unrealistic for herself, but then the matter stalled. And then, at the family council, it was decided to send the singer to a personal trainer.

Kelly recalls that at first, she was very ashamed of her appearance during training – sweaty, flushed, barely catching her breath, she was terribly self-conscious. But she quickly overcame this ridiculous complex: “I bought a nice tracksuit, started doing a light make-up. And no matter how funny it sounds, it really helped me.”

In the process of losing weight, Kelly learned that if a person is losing weight, it does not mean that he is getting rid of fat. There are scales that determine the percentage of fat, muscle tissue, and water in the body and help to monitor, due to which weight loss or gain occurs. Fat people should strive to reduce fat, not muscle mass (it, on the contrary, forms the frame of the figure and helps to build a toned body). Therefore, Kelly purchased this scale and regularly monitors the results of her training.

Muscle mass is shed due to the loss of glycogen and water – during moderate loads in the anaerobic zone. For fat people, this is ineffective. After exercising in the anaerobic zone, the weight decreases for about 12 hours – until the resynthesis of carbohydrates, and then returns. Obese people need to activate adipose tissue and train at low power in the aerobic zone.

Now from a depressed, drug-addicted french fries lover, Kelly has transformed into a blooming girl with an athletic figure. Osborne has gone from a dark punk singer to a bright, perky blonde, reminiscent of a pin-up girl. Add to that some cute outfits and updated makeup for an all-new star!

Meal plan for Kelly Osbourne 2020 weight loss

Kelly’s diet consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three light snacks in between. Moreover, as the singer herself admits, she does not accept any restrictions on food, so she chose only her favorite foods, provided that they are healthy. These include bran, skim milk, grilled chicken, salads with spinach, turkey or mozzarella, and fruits and vegetables.

She also thanked her brother Jack for his support in difficult times. He began to condemn his sister for her addiction and disinterestedly helped her walk the path of returning to normal life. In addition, she expressed her gratitude to the parents of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who, despite everything, was always ready to help their daughter.

Last weekend, she also posted a photo of the size 26 clothing tag in a story and wrote that she was showing off because she worked hard.

Fat-shaming and its effect on weight loss

In an interview, Kelly admitted that one of the reasons she decided to lose weight was that she was condemned by the public.

More than 70% of US residents over 20 years old are overweight or suffer from more severe obesity, according to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

Indeed, there are cases when ridicule and bullying due to excess weight forced a person to start losing weight.

Former American professional baseball player Kevin Youkilis revealed that he owes his entire career to fat-shaming. Once he was not accepted as a scout because of his excess weight, it angered him. Thus began the sports career of the famous baseball player.

Such cases, however, are the exception rather than the rule, says Jane Ogden, a health psychologist at the University of Surrey.

“Attempting to shame is a completely wrong tactic. We have evidence that most often such attempts to shame a fat person only make him feel worse. Fat-shaming lowers self-esteem. This leads to frustration and anxiety, and as a result, a person his actions begin to harm himself, “says Jane Ogden.

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