lose 10 pounds in 1 week

Say no to sugar and lose 10 pounds in 1 week

Scarlet Potter
27 years
The Painter

Scientists have been proving the hypothesis that sugar is a white death for more years. I decided to deeply study this issue and use it for weight loss. Sometimes, we don’t even suspect how much sugar we consume with the rest of the food.

Even if you refuse desserts and drink tea and coffee without sugar, most likely you still consume it too much. Also, the fact that surprised me the most is the existence of sugar addiction, which is scientifically proven and justified. I declared war on sugar and lost 10 pounds in 1 week, then there was more.

Evidence of the dangers of sugar

This is an empty high-calorie carbohydrate, because of which the abdominal part of the body suffers. Fat accumulations appear in this area, due to which your stomach cannot be flat (which was very important for me when losing weight). Have you noticed that after a frequent intake of sweets you have a small rash?

Most often on the forehead, after which your skin looks unhealthy. Sugar – feeds Candida albicans and provokes dysbiosis in the intestines and thrush. Agree not the most pleasant thing that happened to feel? This product reduces and partially blocks the absorption of calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium and other minerals in the body, because after using it, the body produces acids that the body removes using its own minerals, hence the problems with hair, nails, and teeth.

If these facts are not quite enough to convince you to abandon this harmful addiction, I found several opinions from scientists from different universities who conducted research on the effect of sugar on the body:

“Sugar robs the body of B vitamins. All B vitamins (especially vitamin B1 – thiamine) are necessary for proper digestion and assimilation by the body of all food products containing sugar and starch. White B vitamins do not contain any B vitamins.

For this reason, in order to absorb white sugar, the body removes B vitamins from the muscles, liver, kidneys, nerves, stomach, heart, skin, eyes, blood, etc. It becomes clear that this can lead to the fact that in the human body, i.e. in many organs, a severe deficiency of B vitamins will begin.

With excessive consumption of sugar, a large “capture” of B vitamins occurs in all organs and systems. This, in turn, can lead to excessive nervous irritability, severe digestive upset, a feeling of constant fatigue, decreased quality of vision, anemia, muscle and skin diseases, heart attacks, and many other unpleasant consequences.

Now we can state with full confidence that in 90% of cases such violations could have been avoided if the consumption of sugar had been banned or reduced on time.

Weight loss from sugar refusal

When choosing products in the store, I always had to read the composition. I was surprised that in almost all the foods that I ate before there was sugar. I had to replace them with fresh unprocessed vegetables, and cook meals at home in order to completely control my consumption.

The permissible daily dose for a person is not more than 20 g. To be honest, my dose is even a little higher now, with all my meticulousness when choosing products, I consume about 30-40 grams, but not in pure form, but in finished products. What conclusions can be drawn? Do you want to lose 10 pounds in 1 week? Remember all the harm of this product:

  • Causes addiction!
  • Skin rash!
  • Fat in the abdominal area!
  • Nourishes cancer cells!
  • Toxic to the liver same alcohol!
  • It causes a false sense of hunger!
  • Negatively affects the functioning of the brain!

This is not the whole list of reasons why you should reconsider your views. But the result of weight loss along with these points had a strong positive effect on me. Will you join the ranks of people who have abandoned the mixture called “White Death?”

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