15-pound weight loss before and after

The Blood Type Diet: 15-pound weight loss before and after

Maria Gates
46 years
The cosmetology

I consider this diet real salvation that makes sense. All arguments are substantiated by scientific opinion and work on the result, which I personally could be convinced of. You can evaluate the result of 15 pounds of weight loss before and after. The diet is based on determining your type of blood, with the help of knowledge you can determine which foods for consumption are more suitable for your body.

The theory of the effectiveness of this diet was invented back in 1996. The task of scientists was not just to figure out how to lose pounds for overweight people, but also for the fact that you could improve your health, knowing what foods and what elements your orgasm lacks. A person consists of about 80 percent of the blood, it is logical that to influence the body you need to start with blood. I advise you to read the book Eat Right for Your Type by naturopathic physician Peter J. D’Adamo if you are more interested in this topic. There you will find a complete and informed analysis with all the recommendations for any type of blood.

“When I was in school, I was somewhat skeptical of the idea because I had been taught that blood types were just things that screwed up transfusions,” D’Adamo says

Knowing my type of blood, I independently developed a diet for myself. But I will write further. For now, I would like to briefly describe each type and recommendations that I have studied in the course of interest in this topic.

Four types of diets: A, B, AB, O

If you belong to the first type (A) you should not eat a lot of meat, this is mainly a diet for vegetarians. But if you are not going to give up meat, it will be enough just to reduce its consumption. The theory says that people of this type have a problem with the digestion of animal protein and fat. You can make up for the missing elements with the help of fish, vegetables, olive oil, nuts. Type A diet involves the rejection of dairy products.

A type B diet can say about you that you are descended from omnivores, so the range of permitted products is much wider. Have you heard anything about the Paleo Diet? If not, take an interest, maybe you will like it and help to achieve the desired result. But even in such a permissible menu, there will be exceptions: chicken, corn, wheat bread, and coffee.

Mixed type AB: The theory says that this type can digest different foods besides red meat, beans, and corn. Pay more attention to freshness: fruits and vegetables.

Diet type O: this type of diet is closest to me, as it suits me by type of blood. People who fall into this category are advised to eat lean meat. They say that these people are descendants of hunters and their body is predisposed to digest animal meat and other products of animal origin. This diet is low-carb and excludes some cereal cereals and fruits.

Diet Type O: My Journey

Most of all I was worried about being in A.’s place (forgive me people of this type). I really love meat and most of all I would not want to refuse to eat it. Most often, I have a rich breakfast, which consists of thin soup with meat (but not too fat), healthy bread and a slice of cheese. I try to eat in small portions so that my diet does not turn into a fiasco and I do not gain weight even more. For lunch, I eat a side dish of rice and grilled vegetables. Dinner – salad with mozzarella and spices.

Good nutrition will not be enough: add physical activity

You can be in a constant tone and maintain the weight in which you are comfortable staying. But if you want a beautiful shape, a thinner waist, a tucked up the stomach and slender legs – stay in constant motion. Set a goal!

For example, I decided that I want to run 100 kilometers a month. I installed a tracker on my phone that counted the number of minutes and kilometers. I managed to achieve my goal in 28 days. But if more global things. By spring, I’m getting ready to run a marathon! I am sure that everything will work out for me because I am inspired by myself and what I do!

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