Gabriel Iglesias weight loss 2019

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss 2019

Overweight, a busy schedule, a constant change of scenery, health problems and a creative crisis. Things that Iglesias came across could not handle everything. How did his life change until 2019 and at what stage did the star find strength in itself?

He is deeply in love with Texas, the comedian was not always as cheerful and ironic as the fans used to see him. It’s not a secret that almost all celebrities have an image in which they work and this is their income, but sooner or later they break down, and the right of people to choose to support their idol or make fun of his weaknesses. In 2017, Gabriel canceled the remainder of the concerts on his tour or problems with his emotional health. He later apologized to his fans. But the problem that arises required an urgent solution.

He’ll touch on those struggles in his Beyond the Fluffy Tour, which stops at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center today and Friday.

“I’m in a much better place. Stepping back allowed me to evaluate things and my approach to stand-up, ”he said. “Now I appreciate it through different eyes.”

The always fun guy on stage had severe depression, problems with alcohol and overweight. Later he will joke about it, but these problems provoked type 2 diabetes in his body.

Fortunately, the artist pulled himself together in time and challenged himself! The first step in changing yourself was a 10-day refusal of sugar. Scientists and doctors are tired of talking about the dangers of sugar. It is useful only in very small doses, but the average person does not even suspect how much he exaggerates the daily dose by consuming sugar with another meal. Gabriele easily passed the sugar test and felt better. But he asked himself the main question, is it for a long time? And when to wait for the next wave of ill health?

Slimming and new projects inspired by Gabriele Iglesias

He was always respected as a comedian and actor, he takes an active part in shows and performances. He successfully declared himself in 2019

Alongside his current tour, his special “One Show Fits All” debuted on Netflix on Jan. 29. He’s also taped the first season of his new scripted comedy “Mr. Iglesias, ”also for Netflix.

“Netflix is ​​my daddy. They take good care of me, ”he said. “But it’s the place to be. They have this global platform. Every entertainer, not just comedians, should have Netflix as their goal. ”

He’s no stranger to acting, either. He’s starred in “Magic Mike” and guest-starred on episodes of “Modern Family” and “Narcos.” But this time, it’s all him.

“I like acting. I mean I’ve been in relationships, so I’ve been acting a long time, ”he said. “But this show has a good vibe, a positive message, and I’m around people who’ve been working on TV shows for a long time. I’m feeling pretty good about the show, and feedback has been positive. ”

Gabriele was able to return to a healthy form in which he was comfortable, but can he be called a strong man? – many will say no, he remains the same a “big dude”.

In an interview, he was asked about the secrets of his weight loss, he frankly answered this question, naming a list of products that he excluded from his diet. The first is bread and pastries. The irony is that in his speeches he most often jokes about himself and with his weight, but at the same time he eats healthier than many “thin people” sitting in the hall, and also exercises in the gym.

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