Anne Hegerty weight loss 2019

Anne Hegerty weight loss 2019

It is difficult to call Hegerty a cult figure in art, cinema or music, but to note that it has an influence on the viewer and she was already able to arouse interest among the general public. Anne Hegerty was one of the chasers in the Chase game show. She often appears on screens during the screening of various television quizzes popularized in America, Britain, and Australia.

She was able to prove herself as an actress, stepping on the stage as her stepmother from a fairy tale about Cinderella, this was not the only pantomime in which Hegerty showed herself: Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin at the Princess Theater, etc.

But the biggest shock awaited the fans ahead when a 60-year-old woman was able to rapidly lose weight during her stay in the Australian jungle. According to her, the rapid weight loss was caused by the fact that in the camp she absolutely did not use salt and rice. These products were banned for consumption. And even after the camp, Ann did not eat rice again. She fell in love with beans and it was they who were part of her main diet.

Previously, she admitted that she does not have any predisposition to completeness genetically or due to any disease. Overweight Anne Hegerty is associated only with the fact that she loves to enjoy cakes and other not the most wholesome food.

“I do not have big bones. I do not have a glandular issue. I’m fat because I eat enormously. That’s why. And I love cake, it’s brilliant ..”

Conversation with Jeremy Vine in January 2019

With its external changes, the star inspired many fans without suspecting it and without doing it intentionally. Most often, external factors, such as the opinions of others or the state of health, prompt the person to lose weight, in the case of Ann Hegerty, everything happened by itself and everyone was satisfied with it. She did not lose her image and her image remained holistic.

How many kilograms did Anne Hegerty lose?

Anne Hegerty weight loss 2019

The actress jokingly said that since she became a celebrity, she should reconsider her menu, because the stars should eat beautifully, unusually and, most importantly, it’s useful. Vegetables, meat, protein, and fish are precisely those products that are well absorbed by the body and it would be right to arrange a real selection for quality and freshness. But Anne could not betray herself and eat like a real celebrity, and even under these conditions, she dropped 6 kilograms and came to the red carpet in an elegant dress with an emphasis on the waist. The enthusiasm of the fans knew no bounds; she was a true example of femininity and intelligence in her 60s.

How weight loss has affected privacy life

With all due respect and authority with Hagerty, she had some problems with her psychological health. She told The Sun, “It took years of psychotherapy before I even considered dating. She was very complex, wore glasses and was overweight. Later the glasses were replaced with contact lenses and the weight was dropped, then Ann gradually began to interact with the opposite sex. At 46, she gave an interview to The Sun in which she spoke about intimacy:

“Sex was always better in my head”

Everyone understood these words as they wanted, and the actress just wanted to be franker in the interview.

The slander that struck Anne Hegerty about losing weight

Recently, advertising windows began to appear on social networks, on which Ann allegedly advertises miracle tea for weight loss. The I’m A Celeb campmate’s agents quickly rejected this information on Twitter. And in fact, this was done without her consent. She does not support any product and always says that the only reason for her weight loss is the positive mood and the rejection of salt. 

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