Ultra fast keto boost based on the real review

A lot has been said about the keto diet, but despite the fact that many nutritionists consider it effective, not all people believe in the result. Our editors decided to talk with Alice Wilson, a reader of our website, who had tried this ultra fast keto boost in her own experience and now share the results with us.

Why did you even decide to lose weight, if you lost a solid weight in childbirth?

Yes, sometimes in order to lose weight, you need to give birth to someone. After giving birth, it was not easy for me with the baby. Sometimes I just didn’t have time to eat and sleep in 24 hours. And when I had time, I tried to eat something traditionally healthy, boiled lean meat, oatmeal, rice, vegetables. Of course, the weight quickly left on such a diet and stress, the first 14 kg went in 2 months. But I did not feel at all healthy and strong from this. Six months later, health problems began. At first it was just weakness, then the hands seemed to stop bending, problems with the eyes started (retinal destruction), the head, back, and neck hurt constantly. My dream did not work out even when the child was already asleep for 9 hours at night.

Later, I began to treat my poor health with intensive food, but this did not work. I already had a normal, satisfying meal, but my state of health did not improve. I was a “wreck” when I was going to be an active and positive young mother. I realized that I can’t control anything: neither health, nor weight, nor mood, nor my life. I can’t reach the state “I’m doing fine, I’m happy with my body and I am healthy”, and I want to be such a mother, healthy and strong, self-confident. Therefore, I decided to seriously take up health, lose weight to the weight of my dreams and reach the level where I can say to myself  “I am healthy and the topic of weight is closed to me”.

What food systems have you tried before keto diets? Was there a result?

I tried the traditional proper nutrition with calorie counting. A well-functioning weight loss system, but with one drawback: it is impossible to maintain a stable weight on it. At least I failed. It is worth skipping a couple of workouts or eating a little extra – in the morning plus 2 kg. And when, on the contrary, she ate very little, at 800-1000 kcal, the weight also did not go away quickly, and the mood worsened. More precisely, the mood was unstable, then everything is normal, then almost depressed.

But at PP I even started to eat regularly. I got strength and motivation for fitness, running and other activities, but the results were unstable. That 40 laps easily, then already on the 5th lap I die, I can’t run.

What is the meaning of keto diets, does this diet have analogues?

The meaning of keto diets is that we eat a fill of healthy fats, moderately protein, few carbohydrates. All types of sugar (yes, fructose too), starch (potatoes), trans fats, cereals (all these oatmeal with rice), flour and other high-carb and sweet foods are completely excluded from the diet. Thus, we switch our body to fat burning mode, and the weight goes away very quickly. Moreover, often in those places where we most want it.

(Alice Wilson shares with us her low carb diet results after 1 month)

The analogue is called LCHF (low carbs high fat – low-carb and high-fat diet). But some people think that on keto you can only get up to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, and on LCHF up to 100. Just in the original source, Dr. Andreas Enfeldt’s book “The revolution in food! LCHF diet without hunger ”higher amounts of carbohydrates are allowed. I think that this is just another name for keto, and they have the same principle, and the proportion of BJU is still different for everyone and every day is different. In foreign literature, I often find just strict keto and liberal keto, where more carbohydrates are allowed.

There are similarities with the Atkins diet, which also limits carbohydrates to 20 grams per day, and, by the way, its effectiveness for weight loss has already been scientifically proven. This is well and thoroughly described in the book by Gary Taubes, “Why are we getting fat.”

Is it mandatory to play sports with such a diet? What kind of sports do you play and how many times a week?

No, not necessarily. Sport is always voluntary, but my fitness results have improved significantly on keto. I became much more resilient and somehow more flexible. Keto clearly affects joints. I like trainings on slide simulators now, because of my mood I sometimes run, I like home fitness with a TV while the child is sleeping. I try to train in any way possible 3 times a week.

What is in your diet? What does your daily menu look like?

Everything except sugar, fructose, cereals, flour, potatoes and trans fats. I eat meat, vegetables, fish, I choose not semi-finished products, but normal food, without additives. Today, for breakfast, there was bacon with eggs in ghee. And for lunch there was salmon with mustard and Lollo Rosso leaf lettuce. Then match tea with cocoa butter, a handful of raspberries and my signature Keto-M & M’s (almonds and maasdam).

On Keto, I discovered a lot of new products and combinations. I began to eat more vegetables than ever, and to eat somehow enthusiastically, with interest, varied.

Is diet difficult?

Now no, not at all. I would be glad to talk about the pangs of hunger, about frustrations and fevers, about the craving for sweets, but this is simply not there. If I break down, overeat something, then this is the same keto food. I can go too far with nuts and cheese, I love them very much. But this does not unsettle me and does not lead to terrible consequences. Almost no effect on weight. For the first time in my life, it seems to me, I really found a diet that is comfortable for myself.

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