Slaton sisters’ experience of weight loss

Are there in your country popular shows which purpose is to show what results people can achieve in losing weight? Do you agree that they are very inspiring. These television programs have been popular for two decades and, as we can see, do not lose their relevance. People really find motivation on such projects, achieve excellent results and start a new life.

The archives of television channels gathered a huge number of amazing stories. In this article you can read about Slaton sisters, whose weight loss is in the process yet, but they can already surprise you with changes in their appearance. Moreover, we will take a closer look at the participants’ diet of such shows. In the shows, most attention is paid to the psychological state of the participants and the lost pounds, but we don’t know almost nothing about their diet rules.

Two sisters from Kentucky, Amy and Tammy Slaton, 31 and 33 years old, weigh more than 406 and 605 pounds. Their whole lives were accompanied by depression and therefore at the age of 30 they stopped leaving the house. Their main income was their YouTube channel. Many relatives and friends stopped communicating with them, and they began to live a secluded existence.

But every of them dreams of something. Amy makes sense of life in a family with her husband, and Tammy just wants to become independent in simple everyday tasks. Unfortunately, overweight became the main barrier to their goals.

Thus, the reality TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters was launched with their participation. You can follow their story as well. In each episode, we learn more and more about their lives. And many facts are shocking.

One of the sisters is preparing for surgery to reduce the stomach – we wrote about this operation in our other article. Although the entire filming process is focused on their family relationships, it is still impossible not to pay attention to the difficulties that people with obesity encounter.

Let’s look at an example of five-day nutrition offered to participants in such realities as the show about sisters.


Day 1

• Breakfast: Omelet with broccoli, cooked in the oven – 200 grams;

• Second breakfast: baked apples with honey;

• Lunch: soup with meatballs (meatballs need to be made from chicken fillet) – 350 grams, buckwheat with salad – 250 grams;

• Dinner: baked fish – 200 grams, salad from lettuce and cucumbers – 150 grams.

During the day, you also need to drink 200 grams of low-fat kefir and 450 ml of tea.

Day 2

• Breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt – 100 grams, 1 orange;

• Second breakfast: baked apples;

• Lunch: chicken – 300 grams (with low-fat sour cream), bread – 25 grams;

• Dinner: baked fish – 150 grams, vegetable salad – 250 grams (with olive oil).

Day 3

• Breakfast: Cereal flakes with frozen fruits and low-fat milk – 250 grams;

• Second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream – 100 grams;

• Lunch: stewed beans in tomato – 250 grams, vegetable salad – 150 grams;

• Dinner: baked fish – 150 grams, seaweed – 100 grams, bread – 30 grams.

Day 4

• Breakfast: omelet with herbs – 200 grams, bread – 20 grams, kiwi – 3 pieces;

• Second breakfast: baked apples;

• Lunch: stewed chicken – 100 grams, buckwheat – 150 grams, fresh vegetable salad – 200 grams;

• Dinner: baked fish – 150 grams, salad.

Day 5

• Breakfast: oatmeal with low-fat kefir – 200 grams, 1 orange;

• Second breakfast: cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream and frozen fruits – 150 grams;

• Lunch: vegetable soup – 250 ml, stewed turkey — 100 grams and coleslaw — 150 grams;

• Dinner: baked fish – 150 grams, vegetable salad – 200 grams.


In the Slaton sisters’ show, they say very little about physical activity. But we believe that it could be interesting for you to learn about the training process for obese people, despite the fact that both sisters have grade 4 obesity and any workout is contraindicated to them.

Fitness for such people eliminates significant axial loads on the spine and shock loads for the joints. Although, in the USA they consider that obesity is a serious threat to life and health, and they allow jumping and hard strength training even with 2-3 degree obesity.

Perfect choice:

• swimming – especially long distance, more than 30 minutes per session, you can repeat at least every day, because the bones and joints are not overloaded in the water.

• Normal and Nordic walking is a great fitness for very overweight people. In this case, it is necessary to control the pulse and it is the frequency of steps with a pedometer. If there is a risk of knee problems, use joint fixators, you can buy them at any sports store.

• Hatha Yoga and Pilates are also safe, especially if you have a competent trainer. Before breathing exercises, it is advisable to measure the pressure.

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