KETO Diet. Severe Fat Burning.

In this article, you guessed it, we will talk about the best, in our opinion, ways to enter ultra fast keto boost mode. And also, we will give tips on how to smooth out side effects and easier to prepare for a ketogenic diet.

Preparation period

Before you start something, you need to make sure that you are ready for this. With poor preparation, to comply with all the requirements and get the desired result, it becomes much more difficult. But of course it is possible if you want to ask does ultra fast keto boost work. 

What is better to do before starting a keto diet:

  1. For a month or more, it’s better to stop eating sugar. It is artificially included sugar that is often a serious problem for human health. Sugar is also a highly addictive substance. That is, if you do not exclude sugar in advance, then getting rid of addiction will take place during the keto adaptation period. This can worsen well-being, and increases the risk of disruption and exit from the regime. I remind you that there is sugar in all ready-to-eat factory foods. Read the composition of what you are buying.
  2. Make a menu. For a beginner on a ketogenic diet, you just need to know in advance what he will eat tomorrow. This is not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. Almost all dishes of the usual diet either change or simply do not fit. Each meal should be calculated and decomposed into components – proteins, fats and carbohydrates (PFC). Let me remind you, carbohydrates per day should not be more than 40-50 gr. Proteins are calculated according to the standards of muscle mass individually, taking into account motor activity. It is impossible to exceed the required amount of protein. You can eat fats as much as you like. I will describe examples of menus and give recipes for my favorite dishes in the following articles. You can use the search on the Site or search by tags, but rather subscribe to us, so as not to miss a useful article.
  1. After making the menu, we take all the products at home, sort and throw out the excess. We go to the store and buy new ones that we will eat. It is very difficult, without updating the grocery basket, to make a varied and tasty diet on a ketogenic diet. I’m always present in the refrigerator and save me from hunger: cheeses, various oils, eggs, fatty meat, vegetables, greens, fatty cream 33-38%, fatty fish, avocado, very fatty cottage cheese 18% and sour cream 33%. Of course there are many more products, but I always need these.
  2. 1 week before the regimen, it is best to lower your carbohydrate intake to 100 grams per day. This will allow you to enter the mode more smoothly. Less stress for the body. Do not, after eating carbohydrates goodbye to the dump, try to enter the keto mode the next day. This is wrong, it doesn’t work out and why is there extra stress for the body.
  3. Immediately before the start of the keto regimen – think well)

Ketogenic diet entry options

Option 1

The first and most logical option for entering a keto diet is simply to start following the regimen. Directly, the keto regimen with the breakdown of fats and the release of ketone bodies, in this case, begins on day 3-5.

How to check whether decomposed fat has begun? It’s simple, buy test strips in the pharmacy, and take the analysis in the morning) the instruction is attached.

If after 5 days the result is zero, then you are doing something wrong. Don’t think that ultra fast keto boost scam. Check the menu again. Do you overeat carbohydrates? Protein? By the way, protein also tends to break down into components, including the release of glucose. This can occur when exceeding the norm of its consumption. It’s unhealthy! Watch and do not overeat protein.

Also, non-dairy dairy products may impede the entrance to the keto mode. The fact is that milk contains milk sugar and can increase insulin levels, which adversely affects keto in the initial stage. If in doubt, it is better to exclude dairy products and introduce them later gradually.

Option 2

You can apply it after the first, with failure. On the second or third day of the diet, try interval fasting. You can just skip lunch. Try to have a break between meals of 6 to 12 hours. But do not forget to drink more water!

This method almost guarantees entry into the keto mode. The main thing is to stay there. By the way, hunger in keto mode, after a period of keto adaptation, is not so acute. I often eat 1-2 times a day without any snacks and this is normal. He feels great.

Based on many ultra fast keto boost reviews, a ketog diet does not include snacks at all! Snacks and fractional nutrition, this is from the world of carbohydrates and surges in glucose in the blood, we do without it.

By the way, after intermittent fasting, it is better to throw the “armored coffee” first. We will write its recipe in the following articles. If you don’t know what it is, use Google. You will find many useful recipes for the keto diet.

Option 3

Connecting moderate physical activity, it is possible simultaneously with interval fasting. It is designed for people with good physical fitness. But be careful. When starting keto, it is best to pause exercise.


There can be many options to enter keto. There is only one option to stay. Just keep following this path. If you set a goal and are determined to achieve it, nothing will stop you. We will try to help with advice. Ask, leave comments, subscribe to us. We hope that our work will benefit you.

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