Chris Christie weight loss 2019

Chris Christie weight loss 2019

Sometimes success is not only self-affirmation at work and in professional affairs. Success depends on many factors if you want to experience happiness. Happiness is the correspondence of the internal with the external and one without the other is nothing. Chris Christie has been high and successful in his career, but he has difficulty maintaining a healthy physical condition that prevents him from living a full life. The 57-year-old governor of New Jersey appeared in public a lot slimmer than he was before. But the media report is the fact that weight loss is associated with the invasion of medical care and surgery. But no one still knows exactly how many pounds the Chris Christie lost. According to the doctor, who before and after the shots of the governor of The Record of North Jersey showed that Christie, who was noticeably trimmed after the operation on the Lap-Band in February 2013, lost at least 100 pounds.

“He lost 100 pounds, if not a little more, which puts him on a very good path,” said Dr. Jaime Ponce, former president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, to the newspaper.

But is Christie trying to keep her weight toned and has he revised his views on the daily regimen and nutrition?

Life of Chris Christi after surgery

Chris can not be called thin, he still remained a big man who has excess weight.

“We’re trying to get someone into a healthy lifestyle and reduce the number of diseases associated with obesity,” said Nguyen, director of bariatric surgery at the University of California Medical Center, Irvine. “We are not trying to make someone thin here.”

Knowing for sure that the politician has a lot of work, affairs, and plans for implementation, it is great to respect that he tries to look good and does everything in order to be healthier. Despite the fact that he does not betray his actions and does not talk about his personal life, people who watch him often say that he eats well and tries to attract himself to sports. One way or another, the public sees small results and considers excess weight not a problem for a person in his profession. At the same time, many think that in the elections this will play a minus to Chris Christie.

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