Simon Cowell weight loss 2019

Simon Cowell weight loss 2019

Many who, at age 59, could envy Simon Cowell. He is just a healthy and handsome man, but he is also an English producer and a television judge who is currently on the screens as a judge of the British Got Talent. Overweight is experienced not only by women but also by men, especially after 40 years. Simon, fortunately, did not suffer from obesity or related problems, but his desire to look good was justified by him as a public person. In addition, in recent years, his health began to fail, which did not please him or his fans. In 2017, he was hospitalized with low blood pressure after losing consciousness. He turned to a professional for real recommendations that would help him to avoid such situations in the future. Simon was asked to review his food, make adjustments to it, and refuse some foods. He was rushed to the hospital and told that he should stop chewing sausages, hamburgers and his favorite jam pies prepared by his personal chefs. What methods or diets did he use to look so good in 2019?

Speaking to Extra TV, Simon said

“I went to this guy who is very famous. And he told me, looking at my blood tests: “You cannot have red meat, dairy products, sugar, bread or gluten.”

The judge decided to abandon foods, including red meat and dairy products, in order to improve his health, and as a result, he managed to lose weight.

Lifestyle changes and giving up bad habits

Nutritionists advised Simon Cowell to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

“I did it and I stuck to it and it’s easy,” Simon added.

On the red carpet of America’s Got Talent, Cylon demonstrated his transformation and a loss of 20 pounds. In his case, this was not intentional weight loss. The diet was associated with improved health and he succeeded.

In an interview with The Wootton of The Sun, he said: “If I were handsome from one to ten, I would be eight, and now I’ve gone to 11.”

One of the most important factors was sleep. Due to the constant filming and busy schedule, Cylon fell asleep and this also affected his body. As we wrote above in the article, at 59, Simon Cowell looks like a fit and healthy man. Having discovered problems with our health in time, we must solve them, and look at 100! Simon Cowell is a living example of awareness and sensitivity to his body.

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