Kirsten Vangsness 2019 weight loss

Kirsten Vangsness 2019 weight loss

Popular American actress Kirsten Vangsness was remembered for all his role in the series of Criminal Minds, where she played the role of Penelope Garcia. It would seem, where did the problems come from? In her personal life, she was doing well thanks to the affair with Melanie Goldstein, which took place in the crew of the crew, in November 2015 it became known about the engagement with Keith Hanson. They had a lot of sadness.

Acting craft is often striking in its openness. To master this profession, you need to have talent, to be a quite stubborn and strong person. Who is not afraid to admit his weaknesses and will actively flout with internal and external problems. My one, who would have thought that most of the actors in childhood suffered because of their isolation and shyness. One of these teenagers was Kirsten. She was a little fuller than her peers. To overcome her shyness, the girl had to stand on a large stage in front of a large number of people. In many stage productions and plays. Gradually, she completely got rid of bad feelings.

While working in the theater, she earned many awards for acting. In 2004, she became a celebrity thanks to Criminal Minds. TV shows and any guest roles in films were inviting her more and more.

Changes in the appearance of Kirsten Vangsness, weight loss

The actress had frequent changes in weight, she then lost, or gained a couple of pounds. She failed in this weight. The turning point when she appeared on the red carpet became worse than before. The difference was 50 pounds, as Kirsten fans estimated the approximate amount of pounds.

Of course, pleasant fans should not leave it that simple. She said she listened to Renee Stephens’s podcasts and read her books. And it contributes to weight loss. Moreover, later the actress began to openly thank Renee Stephens’s and tweeted about what she received thanks to all the recommendations, as well as great inspiration. She lost weight in 2019 because she had not eaten meat for 20 years.

A little more about the technique of losing weight Renee Stephens

Renee has released an entire book entitled “Complete: A 6-week weight loss plan to change your relationship with food — and your life — from the inside out.” She had a lot of fans. The book contains a step-by-step plan that allows readers to love themselves slim, sexy and healthy. She has the experience, and she will be able to answer his question. The 6-week program allows you to find several tools for self-knowledge. The book also contains useful tips and excellent support from the author. With the help of therapeutic approaches and motivational programs.

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