Long Term weight loss

Long-Term Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight quickly? We guess, you have read many books that promise perfect results “only in 3 months”. But there are other rules that really work. If you start today you will not have perfect shape in 1 week, 2 weeks or even 1 month. Why? Because we are humans and maybe, you have met with this when you eat a small chocolate after 1 week of hard training and full-of-protein diet as present for yourself isn’t it? It is necessary to UNDERSTAND why YOU need to lose weight; not to follow models’ examples you see every day in Internet.

Let’s check some factors that involves your stance on diets, trainings and how can you crack the problem.

You dream of a single 2 weeks diet

Titles such as “Losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks” are not so attractive to women – that’s why there is a real boom in books and articles in the world web that promises that. Of course they say that it is possible without exercises. But what is a miracle is behind it? As usual, these methods are nothing more than diets that are extremely harmful to the body. We can draw conclusion: if you want to lose 20 pounds (or you have other goal), you need to plan time.

It is difficult to add up how long it will take to achieve the goal in a right, healthy way. However, it takes to six months, either way 4 weeks are not enough. Keep in mind that two pounds of fat contains about 9000 kilocalories (!). Your body will need some time to get accustomed to regular physical loads and diet changing.

You can’t wait for immediate result

Enjoy the process! If you want to lose some pounds, forget about time frame. Losing weight in 2 weeks is not always possible (oh yes, that’s true). There is no doubt that some people lose weight faster than others. It depends on our genetic material – DNA. Metabolism plays a big role too. For example, people who lose weight easily can eat everything they want to. These people are lucky – their metabolism is fast and one part of calories is burned in themselves. Otherwise, bodies apt to collect all the nutrients they are given and quickly turn them into fat. If you want to lose some pounds, you need to be patient, and not to associate your success on the time frame of the diet.

Set a goal

Losing 5, 10, 20 etc. pounds is a strong goal. In any way, you need the correct approach. Set yourself small intermediate goals. Thus, you keep a review and there are always small pieces of success that will motivate you. For example, a healthy goal is to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks. In order not to put pressure on you, do small steps every day. It means nothing how much weight you lose per day. Today the progress will be great; tomorrow you will think you have gained weight. This is our nature and there is no need to worry – what a matter is that what your weight will be in a month (if you work on it every day).

Long-term result or three days result: ASK BMI (Body Mass Index)

Do you really need to lose 20 pounds? Maybe to lose some pounds (from 3 to 5) in 2 weeks is enough? A body mass index helps determine healthy weight. It shows the ratio of height to body weight and is therefore often used to calculate normal, underweight or overweight – and thus also to demonstrate the success of the diet. There are many sourses on the Internet to determine your own value. What about BMI? According to the values ​​used by the World Health Organization (WHO), a person with a BMI below 18.5 is considered insufficient. People with a BMI of 18.5 to 25, on the other hand, have ideal weight. If the value is higher, they talk about overweight – if it is above 30 it is pathological overweight.


Healthy food is very important for successful weight loss. This means: chips and fries should be removed from the menu – even if you think it is impossible. Only changing of eating habits can lead to physical changes. It is not only about aesthetics – being overweight endangers your health. Diabetes and heart disease are some of the possible consequences. You should exclude these types of food from your diet if you want to see results in months: sweet drinks, sweets, unhealthy snacks and fast food. If you avoid it pounds will fly away.

Do not forget about water. Sometimes it can be difficult to follow your daily water plan. Vary it! Some drops of lemon juice or mint leaves significantly improve the drink – without any calories. Drink at least 10 glasses with 250 milliliters of water every day – this will not only quench your thirst, but also satisfy your hunger as well. Make sure your diet consist of healthy food. Whole grain meal, fruits and vegetables are the best choice.

What is a food pyramid?

Following the food pyramid helps us to understand how eating habits influence our healthy. At the bottom are vegetables, fruits, water, tea – all healthy foods that we can eat in large quantities daily. Meat can also be eaten, but in moderation. Fish is a good and healthy alternative. The top of the pyramid consists of sweet foods and alcohol. This should be largely avoided to lose weight successfully.

 Long-term results

To achieve your goal as soon as possible (as far as practicable) you need to know that exercises are as important as clean diet. If you are not familiar with training process, even small changes can make a difference. Start with getting up the stairs. Or just leave the car in the parking and hoof it – this not only saves money, but also helps to get rid of extra pounds.

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