is crossfit right for you

Is Crossfit right for you? Everything you need to know

Crossfit is a very popular type of physical activities and maybe you’ve heard about it or even practiced it. For those who are thinking about trying Crossfit and change own future, there are some aspects of Crossfit you have to take into account.

You can get your natural shape, which is ideal for your health 

The first 3 sessions of Crossfit training include stretching and basic exercises. It can be hard to start as your breathing will glork even during the easy exercises with several breaks. This is because you are working on stretching muscles that have been not training for years. Moreover, you will want to get as much oxygen as possible. It must take some time before your lungs get used to the load, so you need to prepare mentally for the fact that breathing will be irregular.

You will realize how overweight you are

 You will have many opportunities to compare yourself to a person who is professional in Crossfit, for example, to your instructors. You will weigh in half more than them but they will be 50 percent stronger than you. It will confuse you how such people can be so strong.

What is the purpose of Crossfit?

The Crossfit program is used as training for fire services, military structures and law enforcement agencies. Also, professional athletes are keen on Crossfit, using this type of fitness as an addition to the main training. But not only people in good physical shape can do Crossfit. It is available to both professionals and beginners. There are specialized Crossfit programs for children, pregnant women and older people.

Crossfit and weight loss

Crossfit is very intense and the most energy-intensive cardio training. For an hour of doing Crossfit, the body spends up to a thousand kcal. Crossfit includes elements of stretching, involving large muscle groups, which helps you to burn calories as intensively as possible during training and also increases the metabolic rate by almost one-and-a-half times for the next 24 hours. However, at the moment, Crossfit is the most preferred way to lose weight compared to the classic moderate combination of cardio and power loads.

Crossfit and time saving

Another advantage of the training is that it saves time. So, for example, when girls come to the gym, they spend at least half an hour on cardio and warm-up, then about an hour on the power loads, and at the end of 30 minutes – on a hitch (cardio or stretching). In Crossfit, after 10-15 minutes of warm-up, you can fall on the intensive part of the session, which lasts 15-30 minutes, after which there is a hiccup. The intensive part allows you to increase the pulse as in cardio, and at the same time load all the muscles and increase endurance. Thus, spending less time, you effectively work out the whole body. Crossfit allows you to save not only training time, but also to achieve better shape in a shorter time working with high intensity.

The strength of will

One another advantage of Crossfit for women is that you will become mentally stronger and be not afraid of stress. Doing exercises in the gym alone, you are less motivated, and at the first opportunity you can feel a weakness. During the collective training, which is organized for beginners, you will not allow yourself to stop. Working in a group, competing with other women, you will be more motivated and inspired by the result, which will affect your shape. Moreover, doing exercises in a group is always fun and interesting.

Here we give you some complexes for the training process and suggest you discuss it with your instructor:


50 air squats;

50 push-ups;

50 sit-ups (ABS).

Task: complete 3 laps in minimum time.

WOD “Annie”:

double jump rope;


Objective: complete 5 laps in minimum time.

 How to do it: the task begins with 50 repetitions, and each next round decrease them by 10. Like this: 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10. Those who have not yet mastered double jumps can do 100 instead of 50 double ones single jumps with a decrease of 20 repetitions in each round.

WOD “Kelly”:

400 m run;

30 push-ups.

Objective: complete 5 laps in minimum time.

WOD “Jay”:

15 push-ups;

15 air squats;

100 m run.

Task: complete 10 rounds in the shortest time.

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