flat belly just a dream or reality

Flat Belly – just a Dream or Reality?

How to get a flat stomach and what to do if it is a little bit fat already? The obvious answer is to stop eating. But it is not enough. It develops that some habits lead to weight gaining in the abdomen.

Gained a couple of extra pounds during the summer? Unfortunately, women get these extra pounds exactly at the waist and lower, so your lower stomach became a little bit fat too. This is all about nature: evolution protects a possible future baby with folds of fat. But you can fight it, and it’s pretty easy. The main thing to remember is that you will achieve a flat stomach not only with a single diet or short trips to the gym. It is possible for those who are not lazy and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Here are effective methods to remove fat in just a month.

Keep your back straight

The smallest thing to learn is to keep your back straight. You can try it now. Do you see? 3 seconds and you are more comfortable in own skin because you see a result. When the shoulders are slightly laid back, the head is straight, the gaze is directed forward, and the chest is higher, the stomach is invisibly smaller. Besides, it makes you keep your abdominal muscles toned. This is the easiest and the fastest method to make your waist thin. Make it a habit!

Follow a diet

Avoid fast food, flour, and sweets (except dried fruits and fruits), whole milk and fried foods to get a flat stomach. After you achieve the result, it is easier not to return these products to your daily diet. But it’s important to allow yourself to eat anything once a week. Do you know anything about cheat meal days? Yes, you can plan that in two days, for example, you will eat some cookies. So the body will not save calories as a reserve.

There is a list of products you can eat to lose belly fat:

dairy products;

lean meat (chicken, turkey);

fish and other seafood;

sunflower seeds, nuts;


olive and other vegetable oils;


fresh vegetables and fruits, berries.

Sauna bath

These cosmetic procedures will help remove excess toxins, thereby removing fat from the body. Lymphatic drainage massage, body wraps, and saunas have one thing in common: they speed up blood flow and cell metabolism. This influences faster weight loss.

Do some exercises

Diet will not help without any exercise. Take at least 15 minutes a day to lose weight and get a flat stomach. The most effective for it are squats, bends to the side, “bicycle”, twisting. Do not forget about cardio at the start of training and at the end of it.

We offer you to practise some exercises to make your belly flat.

The abdominal muscles are quite finicky and can be not so easy to train, but this set of exercises allows you to work at these muscles deeply. 

Abdomen Vacuum

This is just a magical exercise that triggers metabolism and perfectly fights deposits in the abdomen. It is important to do it every morning on an empty stomach after a glass of water with lemon. The vacuum of the abdomen will help to wake up, run the intestines and get rid of toxins.

Lower Press Exercise – Leg Lifts

The very unpleasant “roller” on the stomach is formed precisely in the lower abdomen, so do not forget about the lower press. Lie on your back, put your hands under your buttocks, raise your even legs, then lower them without touching the ground. Repeat 20 times.

Twisting “Fold”

This type of twisting works out all the muscles of the press and even involves the area of ​​the legs and arms. Lie on the floor with arms and legs outstretched. Raise straight arms and legs at the same time. Do not forget to keep your back straight and stretch your chin to your legs. Repeat 20 times.

Do each exercise for 1 minute, then 1 minute of rest and repeat the circle two more times. A total of 5 exercises per minute is 5 minutes multiplied by three circles – only 15 minutes a day. After that, the ideal option is 40 minutes of cardio.

Avoid bad habits

Smoking slows down the blood flow, therefore it is harmful and some nutrients turn into fat. Alcohol is a source of empty calories. You drink calories that are instantly absorbed by the body, without saturating it. Besides, alcohol irritates the walls of the stomach, causing hunger. That is, when you drink alcohol, you eat even more. To be honest, only red dry wine does not harm the shape. 

Avoid processed foods

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is not to eat processed foods. There is a lot of sugar, harmful components and sodium in it. Food manufacturers create advertisements that instigate you to buy this unhealthy food. 

Drink green tea

This is a powerful repository of antioxidants that will negate the effects of free radicals, thereby preventing the accumulation of toxins. Fewer toxins mean less inflammation in the body and as a result less fat.

Get rid of stress

Weight gaining stress is a common thing. Our body discharges a special hormone – cortisol, which slows down metabolism and distributes fat differently. Under stress, some people start to eat more. So, if you are constantly under stress, do not be surprised if there will be no progress toward the goal. Take it easy and meditate.

If you add your willpower (you have it, you just need to develop it) to our few tips at the beginning of the article and the exercises that we describe to you, then you will succeed. Always remember your goal and don’t give up!

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