All you need for weight loss is one month

All you need for weight loss is one month

There are many ways how you can lose some pounds in a month. First things first you have to set a goal – what weight do you want to get at the end of the month. You have an opportunity to choose any diet you want – detox juices, 1200 calories, and others. Maybe, you know that after these you will be a bad mood and feel hungry, so waiting results will be bitter for you. Of course, these diets help you to lose some pounds but it is temporary. Even strong willpower will be unavailing.

If you have a goal to lose weight there cannot be a definite plan how can you do it because you cannot know your reaction on some aspects of diets and training, especially in the first weeks.

We offer you to read our tips on how you can do it. Also, you will:

  • Eat less;
  • Forget about hunger;
  • Get an improved type of metabolism;
  • Get rid of fat quickly.

Do not forget about setting YOUR goals

Very often, we look at the successes of other people and say to ourselves, “I wish I was that”. Isn’t it? Before weight losing start, consult your doctor, nutritionist and trainer. Do not forget that each of us has different principles of body function.

But let’s imagine that you decided to lose 10 pounds.

First of all, you need to have a different lifestyle. These include time for sleep, rest, walking and so on. Then proceed with diet planning. Be productive on the way to your goal, there is no place for laziness.

To get started, do something nice. For example, plan a meal schedule. What kind of breakfast would you like to eat every day and what ingredients do you need to buy? What about snacks? Calculate your daily calorie intake and go shopping. It’s very cool if you use mobile apps to control your diet plan, sleeping time and workouts. There are a huge number of them now – choose any and enjoy it!

Start your day with training (if you want)

Some studies say that training on an empty stomach is more effective than evening workouts because more calories are burned. But here you should still listen to your body. It may be difficult for some to train too early or simply impossible. For example, J. Lo proves that nothing is impossible (she prefers morning workouts), but still, everyone makeы allowance at their life circumstances.

If you want to be active all day, then choose yoga or a short exercise without extra weight in the morning. This method will help you to get more energy for the whole day.

Choose high protein breakfast

Ok, now we want to talk about breakfast which is the main eating occasion of the day.

If you are used to eating something like oatmeal or other cereal for breakfast, then this is a good choice if you will not have an opportunity to eat for the next 3 to 4 hours. But if you decide on eggs, vegetables, protein shakes, then it will reduce the number of calories of your breakfast and you will not feel hunger for a long time. When you are in the process of losing weight, protein is not as harmful as carbs and fat. Proteins consume calories in favor of metabolism. By changing your habits you can achieve a high-quality result in the shortest possible time.

You can drink coffee or green tea (and water)

What? Coffee? But I heard I need to avoid coffee and tea if I want to lose weight.

Didn’t you think so? Here is our answer: here we are talking about coffee and tea without adding sugar and milk. Besides, the chemical composition of these drinks contributes to fat loss and burning calories. If you choose to drink coffee or tea, then you improve the metabolism in the body.

Okay, what about water? Of course, drinking water throughout the day is a must. It is especially important not to forget about a glass of water after sleep and half an hour before eating. Also, this prevents overeating.

Remove sugary drinks and concentrated fruit juices from your diet

Everyone knows that the so-called healthy drinks contain a huge amount of sugar. In the long run, our tastebuds get used to these tastes and it is very difficult to refuse them. But you need to do this if you are on the way to the shape of your dreams. Even a few milliliters of this drink per day and you will increase the calorie intake by several hundred. It’s too much.

If you absolutely cannot live without them then there is a great option to diversify ordinary water. Add lemon or a leaf of mint in a glass of water and you will get a new taste and it is completely harmless. You can experiment with different citrus fruits.

Also, you can substitute a bottle of juice for one fruit. It is much healthier and tastier.

6. Go to restaurants less often – cook at home

Cook at home every day. This may seem like an impossible task, but if you know why you do it, then it will be easier to find time for cooking. Some polls show that if you cook rarely (about 1-2 times a week) then there is a risk of consuming 600 calories per day more than if you cook 5-6 times a week. It influences poor results and meaningless efforts. You can make happy your family by choosing among a variety of recipes.

Although, thinking over and preparing snacks for a whole week is quite possible. They are necessary so that in the middle of the day you will not have a hamburger as a snack. It is much easier psychologically when you know that in case of hunger you always have something with you. For example, you can bring nuts, dried fruits, yogurt, or hummus with you. Come up with your options and enjoy it.

To sum up, you have to make efforts to lose weight. But at the same time, you can do your diet and training process more enjoyable for you. You will get the best result in a month if you listen to yourself today. We wait for your feedback if this article was useful!

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