Juicing plan

Juicing plan

Have you ever heard about juicing? Diet on juices is another way to lose weight quickly. It implies the use of freshly squeezed juices for several days. At the same time, juices can be made from fruits and berries, as well as from vegetables and herbs.

Due to the unique properties of freshly squeezed juices, the body is cleansed of harmful substances, recharged with energy and replenishes its reserves necessary for its normal functioning with vitamins and minerals.

However, it should be noted that store juices are not suitable for this diet, as well as non-seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will lose some pounds, but the body will not benefit from such a nutrition program: it will not be cleansed of harmful substances, but on the contrary, it will accumulate even more in itself. Since all the juices from the store contain various supplements that improve their taste.

Vegetables and fruits that are grown in winter and spring in greenhouses, as a rule, are treated with pesticides and as a result, harm the body. Although, those juices that were prepared in advance for the winter are not very good for this diet too. They are boiled, and therefore all their beneficial properties disappear.

It is not worth worrying about the fact that freshly squeezed juices will be poorly digested and upset the digestive system. Our Nature took care of this and endowed the vegetable and fruit fruits with all the necessary components that are in perfect balance, which allows them to be easily absorbed by the human body.

Features of juices diet

Diet on juices should include ONLY freshly squeezed juices. The diet on juices lasts for a week, during which it is necessary to completely exclude meat, fried and smoked foods from the diet. It is necessary to switch to a diet, gradually adding a glass of juice to the menu and spending fasting days on fruits and vegetables.

The tomato juice diet is especially useful for cleansing the body and losing weight. Tomatoes are low-calorie vegetables that cleanse the blood and normalize blood pressure.

A diet on tomato juice allows you to lose 3-5 kg ​​without stress for the body. The diet must be selected individually, based on body weight and human health. For the effectiveness of the diet, it is necessary to change your lifestyle and introduce regular exercise outside.

The most effective freshly squeezed juices for weight loss, which can be diluted with water and consumed with vegetables and fruits. In some cases, nutritionists prescribe a strict juice diet, close to starvation, without the addition of other products. This diet lasts 1-2 days and consists of freshly squeezed juices for weight loss (apple, beetroot, tomato, orange, etc.), which should be drunk 5-7 times a day.

Juice diet rules

Juice method of losing weight is short – from one day to 7, up to a maximum of 10 days. But this time is enough to effectively cleanse the body and lose a few unnecessary pounds.

  • During the juice weight loss program, it is recommended to drink freshly squeezed drinks from berries, vegetables, herbs, and fruits;
  • Juice nectar is diluted in half with clean water – this reduces the load on the pancreas, as the volume of the drink is quite impressive, up to 2 liters per day;
  • Drink mineral water;
  • Approach the selection of nectars, their number and period of use should be considered, given the state of health. For example, sour drinks are harmful if you have gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcer, pancreatitis, as they excessively irritate the mucous membranes and increase the acidity of gastric juice;
  • Do not drink grape nectar if there are some problems with the pancreas, and it is necessary to limit the amount of sweet berry-fruit drinks, preferring vegetable ones;
  • Vegetable nectars are less high in calories and more effective in cleansing the body but contain fewer vitamins.

What juices to drink for weight loss

Fresh must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 or add a couple of drops of olive oil to it. Every day you need to drink approximately equal amounts of fruit and vegetable juices. The most effective for losing weight are considered such juices:


carrot, cucumber, beetroot, tomato, cabbage, pumpkin, celery juice;


apple, pomegranate, grapefruit, peach, orange.

Mixing tastes, you can invent new recipes for drinks for weight loss and further diversify your menu.

Pros and cons of a juice diet

The advantages of a juice diet technique are undeniable:

  • Cleansing and healing the body, improving metabolic processes. Slag and toxins are washed out of the body naturally;
  • Drinking juice nectar is easy and pleasant, it invigorates and gives energy. Glucose enters the bloodstream quickly and the feeling of hunger instantly recedes, which is very important for the process of losing weight;
  • Enriches the diet with vitamins and minerals. In a glass of healing drink is a concentrate of vitamins, it is easy to drink, but it is already difficult to eat such an amount;
  • By reducing calorie intake, weight goes away quickly, and a small amount of food reduces the size of the stomach;

The juice diet program has certain disadvantages:

  • Do not use it during pregnancy and lactation;
  • The body needs solid food, so you can’t sit on a juice diet for a long time so as not to get problems in the form of a “lazy” stomach and intestines.

As a bonus, we suggest you pay attention to these two favorite recipes Jennifer Aniston and Adriana Lima

Jennifer Aniston’s Cocktail Juice

Take fresh cucumbers, beets, spinach, kale, carrots, and celery in equal proportions. Combine everything in a blender, adding garlic and a little ginger. If desired, you can add up to 200 ml of water or ice. In total, you need to drink about 1 liter of juice per day, but the juice cannot be stored for more than 4 hours. Jennifer Aniston follows a juice diet for no more than 7 days.

Green Juice by Adriana Lima

Mix 1/2 avocado, 1 cup water or 1/2 cup of plain yogurt in a blender and add a little bit, honey. Such a cocktail should be drunk 3-4 times a day when you feel hungry. Diet should not last more than 5 days. Adriana is cleaned up this way before the main show – Victoria’s Secret show.

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