1200 calories diet

1200 calories diet

If you have decided to change a diet, remember that the main thing is not to harm your health. You cannot cut your diet to 500-700 kcal per day, drink only water (without food), take diet pills and so on. First of all, calculate your calorie rate – the formula is freely available on the Internet. For a comfortable and gradual weight loss, we advise you to reduce the calorie intake by 200-300 kcal from the individual daily norm. From the very beginning, the results will be noticeable. But if you have any doubts that your body is normal, then be sure to consult a doctor first.

Recently, an express diet of 1200 calories has become especially popular, the main requirements of which are:

• the total number of calories in the entire daily diet should not be more than 1200 calories;

• to eat plant foods (vegetables, herbs, fruits) every day;

• nutrition during the diet is quite balanced and includes fats, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral and vitamin components.

It is very important to consider not only the volume and caloric values ​​of the food consumed, but also HOW is it consumed. The usual three meals a day for us is not the best option for this diet, since:

• the longer the intervals between meals, the lower the blood glucose level, and cortisol (stress hormone) – higher. And it changes the metabolic processes in the body;

• if we have three meals a day, our body manages to absorb all the energy from the food received and it expects a new portion. This leads to the fact that the body begins to store substances “in reserve” in the form of fat deposits.

With fractional nutrition, food arrives at equal small intervals. Therefore, there is no deposition of fat in the body. Also, small portions are digested faster, which contributes to the assimilation of nutrients.

Who is this diet suitable for?

The 1200 kcal diet is mainly suitable for people with significant excess weight or for those who want to lose a couple of pounds quickly. Choosing this one among other diets, evaluate the pros and cons, consult a doctor and only then start losing weight. Your body must be fully prepared for a change in diet.

Being on a 1200 calorie diet is not so easy. Therefore, sitting on it for a long time is not worth it, including women after forty. The best option is a week or two. During this time, it will be possible to slightly correct the figure and, of course, improve well-being. As you know, quick results affect weight loss positively. They correctly motivate and inspire to change life habits.

What foods should be avoided?

• Fast food products. Fast food is sometimes divinely delicious, but, as we know, very harmful. Nobody has lost weight with its help;

• Potatoes, beets and other starch-containing products;

• Sweets. Of course, you can eat two hundred grams of cake, but then you will have to refuse another meal;

• Fried food.

Menu for the day

• Breakfast: 1 whole-wheat toast with an omelet (2 eggs + skim milk), tea, apple, and water;

• Snack: Natural nonfat yogurt;

• Lunch: Grilled or baked fish, salad with cabbage and field salad, kiwi;

• Snack: A handful of nuts. (Mix almonds, cashews and other);

• Dinner: Pumpkin cream soup without oil, boiled chicken breast, and water.

Diet results

1200 calories per day and moderate exercise three times a week will help to lose 1-2 kg in 7 days. Walk fast for 30 minutes and try to get enough sleep. 8 hours to sleep is ideal. Allow yourself such a luxury. The body needs to have a rest to balance metabolism.

By the way, the number of calories for men and women is different. For normal functioning, men need to consume 1200 kcal daily. Accordingly, the menu should be a bit different.

With a low-calorie diet, you should be more careful with the training process. After training, you must eat one fruit or drink tea.

If you feel heavy or very tired during weight loss, stop and slightly increase the daily calories. Health comes first! Create a menu with a nutritionist. In the process, it is extremely important to take into account such nuances as weight, age, and physiological condition. The correct selection of the diet will help the body relieve weight loss painlessly.

Diet changing

In order not to harm the body, try to get out of the diet slow. Increase the number of calories; do not try to change the diet in one day. Nutrition after a special diet should be balanced. Add new dishes to the menu step by step. And try to proportionally increase physical activity.

A 1200 calorie diet is often criticized because of the risk of regaining lost weight in a few days. But if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, play sports and eat balanced, kilograms will not return. You will fix your form and, with a great desire, continue to lose weight with the help of other, less radical methods. The main thing are the desire and endless motivation!

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